So, some months ago I was assigned to a new product using Angular, Catapa HRIS. Wait… If you go to the landing page, it is not using Angular. The Angular one is the app to help HR doing their work including the payroll.

Angular is a JavaScript (or TypeScript) open-source front-end web application framework. It is primarily maintained by Google and also the vast open source community. It is a single page application (SPA) like React, Vue, and other JavaScript frameworks. There are many libraries developed for Angular that developers can use to leverage their works to develop an application.

So this is the second notes of my course note of Coursera Software Architecture Course Notes. This part is longer than the first part and it talks about architectural styles. I find this part is very interesting because it gives me information about how should I build my software.

A. Language-Based Systems

Programming paradigm will affect the architecture of the software. For example, in OOP we have principle such as abstraction, encapsulation, and so on. There are also design patterns such as creational patterns, structural patterns, and behavioral patterns.

1. Abstract Data Types and Object-Oriented Design.

If a software engineer decides to use OOP, it may lead…

So this is the simple course notes I take by attending the course of Software Architecture by the University of Alberta. You are encouraged to attend the course yourself in Coursera. Some parts of this course notes are taken from their course notes.

A. Intro

Software Architecture covers how a software system is constructed at the highest level. Development teams will decide how a software the system will be broken down into components that work together. Software architecture will consider many factors such as the purpose of the system, user and stakeholder, release environments, and the features. This may affect…

This is an old book (It is 2007) written by Toby Segaran, but for me, as a web developer, this book is a good book. Why? This book gives a fundamental understanding of machine learning used in several fields of website. Such as a recommendation system for an e-commerce website and search engine basic algorithms. The book is using Python, but as this an old book, maybe you will find a lot of differences with the current technical condition on the example given. …

Microservices are now having a good time, not only because it is easier to scale but also easier to maintain (for some points). Compared to the monolith, microservices can be released by a changed part only, not the whole application. Moreover, the technology stack for each service can be different to leverage the technology stacks for various cases. Upon learning microservices, I found this book, Building Microservices by Sam Newman. I would like to make some reading notes about this book, maybe looks like review too. …

Petrus Fajar Subekti

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