Every few months for, well, a little while now, Orange Digital was the host of a super cool event called ‘Wine & Cheese Night’. It was an event held at night where we had some wine and cheese. Oh right, you probably guessed that from the name.

However, it was about more than just wine and cheese. It was a chance to say thanks to our clients by hopefully letting them have an enjoyable night with our team in a relaxed environment. On top of that, we would also invite other connections from around Brisbane so more people got to know Orange Digital — and hopefully like us. …

Behind the Scenes — Bhuja’s product deconstruction campaign

Firstly I’d like to say that we’re lucky enough to have been working with Bhuja for the past 6 years and that means we have the freedom and trust from the client to be creative and as adventurous as we like. In previous campaigns, we focused on the flavour/experience of eating Bhuja. For this one, we wanted to explore the different ingredients their snack mixes contain.

In this breakdown, I’ll share a bit of the BTS of what we like to call Product Descontruction campaign done by Orange Digital. …

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Orange Digital’s fire drill meeting point. (Ilford Delta 3200)

If you frequently have fire drills at your office you must know how boring it can be to evacuate the office and wait for the counting. I’m not criticising the importance of these drills, they are important, but I’ve found a way of hacking this feeling of boredom. At least to my wannabe-creative mind.

The alarm goes off and you hear the recording repeatedly saying “Please evacuate the building”.

HACK²: “Always take your wallet with you — Thieves take advantage of office drills to steal. “ Thanks Scott!

Everybody slowly walks out as the three fire wardens check if all the rooms are empty. In my case I go down with my camera (and my wallet), it’s from the 60s (the camera, not the wallet) and of course runs on film. It isn’t a cheap hobby and currently developing films can cost between $20 to $30 in Australia. …


Petrus Pommé

Motion Visual Artist — Telling fairytales since the 80s.

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