2 years of CRTL and what I learned

I will spend 2 years building CRTL Studio by 1st of January 2016. Started in a shared apartment owning literally just the laptop, moved into a tiny own apartment in Prague city centre and now we have a 100 meter squared studio next to the Prague HUB with professional production equipment and serious SKILL. I met tons of people along the way and learned a lot. Spent some time with Wayra CEE & Lenka Kucerova for a while. Met up with Petra Hubačová in Techsquare which helped me a lot. Worked with the HUB on the Microlab concept that ultimately failed because it was too small to take off properly. Got a touch of the startup scene. And mainly learned to pivot and shape CRTL Studio into something that I would enjoy. And that is the most important. It was never about the money, it was about the enjoyment and making something to be proud of.

I tried vlogs, I tried photos, I tried video, I tried technology, I tired websites, I tried pushing, I tried waiting. I tried a lot lot lot. And I will try again. Its not about stoping, its about being open minded.

We are not taught something in our school and I wish in Czech Republic we were taught to be free. To think free, take time off and try to pursue our dreams. It was always get a job, get a job, get a job. And that what drives me to be free. Because everyone told me I cant be.

What is the key in building something that somebody should have told me? “Get paid to create more amazing stuff” and “take a break”. If that doesn’t work out, just get a job and try again.

You can always get a job when you are a competent person. You can make serious cash if you save and are responsible. Its not hard. In fact its stupidly easy. So easy, that we take that road and no-one can blame us. A collective can create something more than an individual. I have met these people along the way. Talented people that work best as a collective and produce amazing things. Or the bad ones that just fuck up every project because they are not competent to be in there and hide behind the desk. Yes, there are 2 sides, not just the great one. They are the indicators to stay or leave in any project. Thats why I left many and joined many.

Thats why I helped Petr Skondrojanis launch the Cocuma (Company Culture Market) towards the end of this year. Because it is something I believe in. We talked about it basically for a whole year. Petr is a great guy with a great personality and fairness that is infectious.

What is Cocuma? Finally when you go out to get a job, you get to see that collective of people way before hand and decide if you want to take that path or go on your own. Thats what was missing here when I was younger. Thats what got me into creating CRTL without learning anything before, because I couldn’t find likeminded people. And now when people see the online market, they get to see what we learned about them. That might save them years in crappy job and therapy that they never wanted to do, but got stuck there.

Because of launching Cocuma, I wasn’t able to focus fully on everyone around me, so towards the end of the year no-one heard from me. I had a job and CRTL that was launching this massive thing. I was still here, only so tired to even start conversations. But Im back! Great project launches take all your social energy and being on a break for the last week doing literally nothing brought me back.

And here we are

Two years have past and we are just a dynamic duo in the team (Me & Veronika) with no goals of expanding the team in the near future, but rather goals to make history. We like it that way, we found the equilibrium and can focus more on the art.

In 2016 we want to expand the goals of what we do and be more free. A studio that creates not just to give something out there. But to create something unique and special every time. And not sell out.

Give some love around! And take time off.

Thats is what I learned, the most important thing about getting ahead

Take time off. You will see your life much more clear. Because your company is your life!