Bobbi Brown Project

The following radio ad, magazine ad, .gif, and video below are all part of an Agency Experience project. For this group project (a duel effort between myself and Lauren Kotler), Bobbi Brown cosmetics was our inspiration. Through extensive research, we discovered that Bobbi Brown makeup is natural, clean, and basic. We took the theme of “Basic B*tches” and put our own little twist on it! We hope you enjoy!

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For the magazine ad above, we wanted to portray a “natural” and “basic” setting, so we thought, what more basic than a beach? We focused on promoting Bobbi Brown bronzers in this ad, and so we placed the same bronzer palette along the top 3rd of the ad, lowering the opacity with each column to give off the impression of sand. we then photoshopped bronzers into the ocean to appear as “floats” with “Basic B*tches” laying on top of them.
For the .gif shown above, we wanted to “keep it simple.” We focused on promoting Bobbi Brown mascara, showing a sassy pair of eyes to bring out the theme of the “Basic B*tch”, along with the slogan at the bottom. Bobbi Brown believes that “blackest black mascara really makes eyes pop” and so that was why we chose to make the entire .gif in black.
The video posted above that Lauren and I created (using a professional camera, green screens, and editing features through Adobe Premiere Pro) ties the entire idea of our project together. This is Abby. While Abby may look like just your typical beautiful girl, in other words, a “Basic B*tch”, there is more to her than meets the eye. Abby has interests and is down to earth and passionate about life. The only thing that Abby likes to keep “basic” is her lip color.
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