Humans are the smartest species on the planet — and that’s a huge problem.

The contrast of human nature is truly staggering. We have two opposite poles. One has made us capable of creating a plethora of music, art, stories, science, games and philosophy. It has pushed us to succeed in feats that are completely mind-boggling, such as sending crewed missions to space and back, researching quantum physics, invent medicine and organise the world in ways that have nearly eradicated hunger, poverty and disease.

But on the opposite pole, we have also created gas chambers in an attempt to exterminate…

Why the easiest way to understand how jobs will be lost, is to look at those who are already gone.

I spoke with a friend who works in sales about the challenge of jobs being lost to intelligent machines. He had read my last article about the future of work, and we discussed scenarios that might play out as the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning progresses.

“My job is safe”, he argued. “Because people want to talk to a person. Yes, I’m technically a sales person, but more importantly, I’m a relationship builder. …

It’s become a ridiculous trend of our times for high-level employees, CEO’s and entrepreneurs to post articles of their inhuman schedules, in a preposterous reenactment of the business card scene from American Psycho.

Allegedly, typical traits of the successful are waking up at around 04:00 am and meditating for 30 minutes before hitting the gym and doing their first overseas business calls of the day while on the treadmill, finishing a protein-and-seaweed smoothie for breakfast and reaching the office at around 7 am, where they stay until about 7 pm, when they have 1,5 hours of scheduled spouse-or-partner time…

What is time? Like so many things, it’s so embedded into the human psyche that it’s hard to think about it from a another perspective. Time is what we sense it to be, and most people will describe it as something that moves forward, with a road or a river being typical metaphors. And from the way we experience life, the metaphor works just fine. After all, we are born, we age and we die and in the meantime there’s not much we can do about that relentless march into the future. We do our best to make the span

There is a small passage in the biography of Steve Jobs that has become well-known for the way it sums up one of Apple’s important philosophies: simplicity of use. It describes a small child in foreign village picking up an iPad an intuitively using it without any grown-ups showing him how.

UX has been going through a quiet revolution in the last ten years that has completely changed how technology in our daily lives. Yet few people stop to think about it outside of tech circles.

The evolution of User Interfaces (UX)

Describing the full evolution of user interfaces from…

In March 1997, a 911 emergency call was made that seemed so absurd the dispatchers struggled to take it seriously. The caller reported a mass suicide in a mansion in an affluent neighborhood in San Diego. When the police arrived, they were shocked to find the bodies of 21 women and 18 men lying neatly on bunkbeds, all with brand new Nike shoes and upper body draped in purple cloth.

The 39 dead were all members of the Heaven’s Gate cult, started by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles (who died in 1985). Marshall, who’s cult name was changed into Do…

What is the most awesome thing you have ever experienced? Think about it for a second.

Chances are, what made it awesome was not the experience itself, but how it made you feel. We climb mountains, spend time with loved ones, go skydiving, strive for career goals, enjoy nature, listen to music and create art because it somehow feels good. Indeed, many of the activities we participate in would be pointless without the reaction they induce in the mind.

The universe does not feel anything. All happiness, sorrow, motivation, anger, relief, awe and love you have ever experienced, is a…

What are you fighting for today?

In 2012, I got a strange phone call. It was from a close friend of mine, calling me to tell me about a Ugandan warlord called Joseph Kony, and the war crimes he was committing. He had an organization called the Lord’s Resistance Army that purportedly had abducted thousands of children to use as sex slaves. All this I was told before breakfast. Before hello even.

Why did she know about this? Because of an emotional video campaign that went viral, and turned everyone and their grandmother into a champion to bring down Kony…

Consciousness is bugging me. It’s done so for a long time. It’s like trying to grip smoke, not only does it escape your fingers, it changes shape every time you try. You can define it, but people will disagree on its definition. You can research it, but science can’t even really confirm that it exists. It’s the one thing you have entirely to yourself, that no one can see, hear or touch.

You know you have it. After all, you are experiencing it. But your friends have to take your word for it, because nothing about our bodies suggests that…

Petter Amlie

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