Beep — The first communication app only kids can use

Beep is a communication app that only young people can use, since it uses a high frequency tone to let kids communicate between each other.

Beep uses a high pitched frequency of 14 800 hz to get young peoples attention in situation where they cannot use other type of communication. Classrooms, libraries, dinner tables — beep enables youngsters and kids to communicate to each in the same room, with any adults noticing!

With just the push of a button the app sends out a clear and high-pitched frequency that will get everyone’s attention — unless you are an adult.

Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson, sonic designer, explains — “Research shows that the human ear loses the ability to hear higher frequencies when we get older. The hearing is at its best among young people who are able to hear really high pitched frequencies, while people after 50 year aren’t able to hear frequencies over 14 000hz”.

This is a 100% fun and no money project; we just wanted to create a free tool for kids to use. Check it out on Producthunt and the website.