Why create your life when you can live it?

You have one life, do the most of it. Take time to find yourself , create your world around you… BLA BLA BLA !

All these quotes and helping books out there are good in many ways but mostly they suck.

Who should I become? What do I want to do?

These questions are hard to answer for anyone, especially early in age.

During high school these questions triggered some sort of obsession for me.

Expressing ME became a very important ingredient because then I had to think what me is.

What is me? What do I want? Who? Where? Why? WHO CARES!

When I grew older, I realised that it is hard to find answers on these questions, mostly because they are dumb. The question I started to explore and probably not (I love the process) will find is:

What is life to me?

My first realisation was that the location I live has a huge role in my well being and life so I moved to Chamonix in France.

Wow! That was probably the most important decision I’ve ever made. I didn’t want to leave, it was the perfect match. I started to appreciate all the small things in my everyday life. This is something that I want to share with others, dare to find a location that YOU love.

Matching companies seasonaires.

Why not work where I want to live and show others the beauty with the alps. That is why I started my first company. Like most startups it failed but the process gave me so much knowledge and for that I’m very grateful.

How can I inspire others to work and live where they want?

My first thought was to help the integration in Chamonix by using creativity as a tool. As a result I started the association Chamshake. It helps and support the local artists to spread their work and to have a sustainable lifestyle in Chamonix. Today we have a creative space located in Les Houches and over 💯 members.

How can I inspire others to work at a place that suits them?

My first thought was “by doing” and the coworking space called the Ski Locker was born.

Today I live in Stockholm, run the Ski Locker and several of others projects on the side. I simply live and do what I want without too much planning and structure. How can I structure and plan something that I can’t define and what value does it give me? Probably nothing, it is all about the journey and I love it.