Insecure Season 2 Ep 1 “Hella Great” Recap

I feel triggered; I’ve been shaking since last night’s episode of the new season. The anticipation to see where we would find Issa, Lawrence, and Molly had me creating scenarios since season 1 ended. We knew our favorite awakard black girl would have to deal with the aftermath of Lawrence petty ass leaving her alone in the apartment with his funky Best Buy shirt hanging in the closet. We also knew that Molly was at a crossroads in her life as she’s come to the realization that she’s trash and might need to get some therapy. I’m happy to see both women hanging out and supporting each other through their individual trials. I do need Molly to let a sista know what she mean when randomly says “Malibu” when speaking to Issa. My interpretation is that “Malibu” is a trigger word for Issa to wake tf up and remember Lawrence left her ass MOVE ON sis!

We find Lawrence BUSSIN Tasha’s pierced titty ass down in her mama house calling him zaddy and whatnot. I wasn’t happy to see them together but it’s expected, Lawrence is drawn to the bank hoe because she strokes his ego in a way that Issa didn’t on his roughest no job, no haircut day. We see that dear Tasha clearly wants to be more than a weekend flex but Lawrence, not even thinking, thinks she’s cool with just casual sex. While he’s enjoying laying up all weekend in Tasha’s bed, mind you he still sleeping on an air mattress at the homie’s crib. It took his problematic ass friend to get him to see that he’s low key slutting Tasha out by not taking out her out the house.

Molly’s in the process of finding a therapist that meets her needs. She’s not very open to it, but I give her an A for effort for at least trying. She’s also dealing with the revelation that she’s getting paid significantly less than her male counterparts at the law firm. How do you deal with this issue? She shouldn't have seen her coworker’s check in the first place but now she has this information how does she deal? She’s already had issues at work before being the voice of black reason, I wonder how she’s gonna handle this. I’d be down to the HR office bright and early the next day but that’s just me.

We’re introduced to Issa’s brother Amal during the wine down scene; he seems like a good time. I can’t wait to see the relationship between Issa and him develop, maybe it’s the only child in me but I love to see the sibling dynamic. During this wine down that became a ratchet house party thanks to your friendly neighborhood bloods, was an elaborate scheme to lure Lawrence over for his mail. At the moment when Issa plotted this I feel like I was watching myself. I’ve been known to try to trick guys into doing what I want and just like Issa, the shit never works out. Instead of Lawrence finding Issa cute af around a gang of niggas he’s taking Tasha out to sushi. At this point, I’m ready to throw my remote at the screen because Tasha thirsty ass don’t deserve no GOT DAMN sushi!!

Eventually Lawrence does bring his ass over to get his mail but Issa was not prepared for the visit. The house was half way clean, she had on a t shirt and some boy shorts (my house outfit of choice except why have a bra on?). This man just had to come in the house to “get something out the bathroom” which was a red flag. First of all, it’s been three months post break up anything you left behind should’ve been thrown away by now. I don’t know about yall but I’m not putting my mouth on a toothbrush I haven’t touched in three months. He was being nosey tryna see if she was doing bad without him; besides being caught looking rough she’s glowed up since last time he’s seen her.

They engage in a passionate kiss followed by a quickie on the new bouch they bought together. This scene left me feeling disgusted. Lawrence didn’t look Issa in the eye during his 5–7 pumps max and he left her with all of the questions and wtf moments swirling in her head. He kissed her on the cheek and bounced nigga could’ve left the money on the night stand while he was at it. He came back to the space that they built and destroyed a relationship in. He knows her and her habits. He knew she spilled something on the Frank Ocean pillow without her telling him.

I don’t think he maliciously slept with Issa just to leave abruptly and fuck her head up but he could have. Lawrence is no angel despite what #LawrenceHive will tell you. I’m disappointed in Issa actually thinking because he nutted in her that he still wants her. I want her to move past Lawrence but knowing her she’s gonna over analyze the situation. I’m also curious to see if Lawrence processes what just happened while sleeping on his makeshift mattress or will he just bury his feelings in Tasha again. Damn you HBO for not letting me binge watch…see you next week :)

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