Top Three Steps to Bringing in the New Year

At this hour, you’re probably getting ready for your New Years Eve activities whether that be bringing in the new year at church, turning up at a party, or like me, watching Dave Chappelle on Netflix. Whatever it is that you’ll be doing, I’m sure that you’ve at least thought about what you want 2018 to bring you; hopefully it brings us all peace, prosperity, impeachment, and accomplishment of every single goal we set for ourselves.

As I prepare for 2018 I wanted to share the steps I’m taking to close out 2017 with a bang ….

  1. Shower, Shave, Shit

It’s as literal as it sounds; make sure you leave 2017 with a clean body. Exfoliate your skin with either a scrub or hydro towel; think of it as shedding the dead skin or dead weight from your life, get the entire body including the face and lips too. This isn’t gender exclusive, men need to do this as well don’t bring those musty balls with you into 2018! Shave the places that you typically groom, I use the Bevel Shaving System personally ; that’s right no razor bumps on my special parts. Taking a dump should be something you’re doing daily anyway but if not, add some fiber to your meals today. Shitting is liberating and a great time to assess your year and create the game plan.

2. Set Your Goals

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish in the next twelve months? I like to write my dreams and aspirations down on paper in my Passion Planner I got as Christmas gift. The beginning of each Passion Planner has some blank sheets that allow for you to create a road map for the goals you set as well as deadlines for completing them. I’ve also made vision boards in the past that give me a visual for the things I say I want to do or aspire to achieve in my lifetime. I hung my vision board in a shadow box and then placed it on one of my bedroom walls so I have no choice but to see it daily. However you set your goals and hold yourself accountable for it, make sure you don’t let the clock strike 12 and you haven’t thought about what’s next for you.

3. Clean Your Space

Don’t bring clutter and disarray with you if you can help it. Before I left for vacation from work I cleaned my desk and shredded paperwork so that when I do go back, I’m not overwhelmed by chaos from end of the year reports and tasks. Tidy your living quarters as well so that you can wake up on New Years Day from your hangover to a clean home. Make sure everything smells good, laundry is done, and the bathroom isn’t trifling. By doing this you’ll make your mother proud and life always seems a little better when things are in order.

I hope these steps bring you some closure to your year and hope for the one to come. These three simple step have made the last day of 2017 so much more enjoyable and I can guarantee it’ll do the same for you.

“More life, more success, more healthy habits, more intellectual conversations, more orgasms, more business plans, more self care, more traveling, more laughs, more fire selfies, more consistency, more intention, more wine, more hair growth, more self expression” — Meech