11 Amazing and Fun Cat Toys Around Your House

Every kitty is unique. We forget that we have many interesting toys right in front of our eyes. Find out which toy will your feline friend love the most. Have some fun and play with your cat. Here is a list of the 11 best toys which also my cat Lily loves the most.


Take a twig from a tree, bush or from another plant and make circles on the floor. It only takes few seconds to get your cat’s full attention. Some cats even take the twig and carry it around in their mouth. The effect of moving the twig on grass is even bigger because it grabs your cat’s attention and it becomes captivating.


You will not believe it, but a simple ball made from paper can be your cat’s favorite toy. Take any paper, preferably from chocolate ;), crumple it into a ball, make some noise and throw it. You will see how irresistible this toy will be for your kitty.

Check out how Lily plays with her ball ;)


A simple hair band can become your cat’s best friend. Just leave it on the bed, couch or window sill. Your cat will notice it soon. After a while you will realize, that all your hair bands are missing. Check under your bed and couch ;) You will find a whole collection of things, which you have been missing for a while.


More athletic and active cats like to jump on clothes stand and borrow some clothespins. If all your clothes are on the floor, then your cat had one hell of a time. But mostly, cats like to borrow only one or two clothespins, so no harm for clothes.


If you have a fireplace or are in nature with your cat, find a small piece of wood and play with your cat. They love catching wood pieces and jumping around with them in their mouth, almost like dogs. Maybe you will figure out, that there is some dog in your kitty ;)


It is not only you who can like our Pettsie friendship bracelet, but also your kitty, besides her new cotton collar. The majority of cats will play with the bracelet when you wear it. But there are also cats who like to play with the bracelet on their own. Just be careful you find it again ;)


Almost everyone has one piece in the house. Try out how your kitty will react to a duct tape. Stick it to the floor and see if your cat will play with it. If not, try out if your kitty will catch it when bagging it on the floor.


If you like Chinese food, then you have plenty of chopsticks lying around. Many cats like to play with chopsticks even if they are on the table or kitchen counter. The most inventive cats will carry the chopsticks in their mouth. The most interesting are chopsticks made from wood.


Did you get a nice wrapped present? Do not throw the gift bow away. Play with your kitty and tell the giver that your cat also loved the present ;) Store it and after a while it will be interesting for your kitty again.


Take a longer stick and tie a string on one end. Wave with the stick and you will get your cat’s immediate attention. This is also a great activity and recreation for your cat. She will be running like crazy after the string


Are you knitting? Then you already know many cats love playing with wool and you watched it on countless occasions in cartoons. Either way you are a knitting fan or not, buy a wool ball for your kitty and have some fun together.

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