Job Interviews Are The Worst

I am a bright-eyed 20 year old college student with a not-so-hidden agenda to land a job and to prove myself.

I arrive 30 minutes early to the interview and wait in a nearby coffee shop. The place is warm and buzzing with entrepreneurs talking about customers, projects, business, and similar words. You get the picture. For a brief second, I wonder how long it would take to build the bridge between where I am and where they are.

Nerves set back in. I order nothing and look over my shoulders a couple times to make sure they were not coming to kick me out. I try practicing my answers but my brain is too far gone into the abyss of anxiety.

I open the heavy black doors into the lobby and a young dishwasher was sitting on the couch. “I work at the restaurant next door” she told me.

I feel awkward and silly in my cheap black suit.

“What did you study through your minor in computing science?”

“C…C++…data structures…linked lists”

I look back up at the lights. There is a fine line between comfortable eye contact and romantic intensity.

Interviews feel bad.

Your life is not in your hands.

You feel insecure about not being cool (my personal insecurity).

This particular interview traumatized me enough to write this article.

Here are a couple of tips:

1. Don’t assume that you got the job until you get the job.

Interviewers are so nice. This tip makes sure that you don’t get disappointed.

2. Bring a portfolio of work.

They might want a sample of your writing or your drawings.

3. Be natural.

In the words of my sister, you just vibe with some people, you know?

Happy job hunting!

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