It was five in the morning on a Saturday when my mother started having her contractions. It was March 30th of 1991 and my father rushed my mother to the hospital, in the desperate outset of that event he forgets the already-packed bag of the baby. At the hospital there is no doctor on duty and a nurse made a hasty call to a doctor urging him to come to the hospital, there was a women that just arrived and is going to give birth. The nurse writes a note for my father and asked him to get some things for the baby at the nearby market. My father left and the nurse stared to get my mother ready in the delivery room. While in the birthing bed, the nurse asked my mother to not push. My mother cannot contain the pain and pushes. The nurse, who was working closely, felt her heart stop and in an instant that was as sudden as it was desperate, she ran towards my mother and extended her arm, motioning her hands in the shape of a fork, the nurse hooked a falling-baby by the ankles. Helped only by her fingers, the agile nurse dangled a newborn upside down. It’s a boy. My mother who is as surprise as the nurse watched the nurse hold her baby like a chicken for sale in a flee-market. The nurse can only move as far as the umbilical cords allows her and as she moves she yelled “Doctor!”.

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