Kris Bryant: Express

This ad for Express is of Chicago Cubs player Kris Bryant. Bryant is clearing wearing the product around Chicago with the buildings of the city in the background. The ad contains little text, and is mostly focused on Kris Bryant. This ad is effective because the techniques that are clearly visible in this ad is The need for prominence, the psychology of the psychologist Carl Jung, and the unique selling point of Kris Bryant are able to create a presentation that makes the consumer believe that having Express products makes them feel like a prominent figure like Kris Bryant.

The need for prominence is clearly shown in this ad because of the subject used. Kris Bryant will probably win the NL MVP this season, is a well liked athlete and plays on one of the most popular athletic teams in the Chicago Cubs. Kris Bryant is a well respected, prominent athlete and just because Express shows off Bryant in it’s product it will convince consumers that this product is very important because of who Kris Bryant is. The psychology of Carl Jung is used in this ad because it makes you think, “What if I was the one in Express clothing?’. Obviously the answer the advertisers want the consumers to come away with is you’ll be a pretty amazing person in Express clothing because you would be wearing the same clothes as a very prominent person like Kris Bryant. The unique selling point of this ad is Kris Bryant wears Express clothing. The ad makes no guarantees nor does it attempt to separate itself from the competition by pointing out one of the clothing’s qualities. The ad is only distancing itself from the competition by saying Kris Bryant wears Express clothing. This is ingenious because many people admire and look up to Kris Bryant so a lot of people would look into getting Express clothing just because Bryant is picturing wearing Express clothing.

The demographic targeted in this ad is well-off, middle-aged to slightly younger, white men. This ad does an effective job at reaching this demographic because Kris Bryant is a person that these people know and can try to emulate because there are in somewhat similar positions. Bryant is a younger man who is well off, and because of his prominence people of similar or slightly older age would want to try to emulate Bryant. Also Express is a fancier clothing line, so the ad reaches the demographic effectively because the demographic is extremely interested in the product and the product is displayed for consumers.

The impact of the messages sent is this ad is simple, people need to try to emulate the most popular people in society. Express is trying to convince consumers to be like Kris Bryant, which could create an interesting affect on society where everyone just copies the person that’s above them in society.

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