Ex. 6.2

City Council:

The city council meeting took place Wednesday, March 1st, to discuss some items of business that will be effecting the city in due time.

The first item of business was a report from the Metropolitan Zoning Commission. They are looking at a local developer to move a cemetery in order to build a supermarket in place of it. The end result was a council vote of 5–2 against the rezoning. The small audience of around 40 supported and cheered on the decision.

Conversation then shifted to the discussion of a one-cent sales tax, proposed by councilwoman Wilma Rudolph. In the next year this tax would raise about $400,000 for the city, meaning no layoffs for employees. Rudolph expressed that the city desperately needs funds and others agreed that action needed to be taken. The final vote was again 5–2, in favor of the new sales tax. This was rather unordinary because people had previously been looking to make cut backs, not putting higher taxes in place.

Lastly, councilman Mazewroski proposed the licensing of morticians in the city. He claimed that the state bestows the power on to the cities to do so and that they should take advantage of that opportunity. This bill was passed with a vote of 6–0. The meeting adjourned shortly after the passing of Mazewroski’s proposed bill.

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