TLDR: For anyone looking to switch fields into CS but lacking the proper knowledge, this is absolutely the best resource for you.

I pursued Harvard’s online CS50 course a year ago, when I was working as a product designer in Seattle, WA. I had a feeling that I would be…

In a world where products with more features are generally considered better, we are now seeing a trend of reductionism, where removing a seemingly integral part of the product is the new novel.

No, I’m not talking about removing the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, but rather design innovations…


Even if you’ve not typed a line of code in your life, you must have come across instances of recursion in your day-to-day life.

A very basic example would be a box of Laughing Cow cheese that almost all of us have looked at as kids and maybe some inquisitive…

Pezanne Khambatta

24, Industrial Designer moving into Software Engineering. U of San Francisco Class of ‘22

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