When I met the Hip Hop thought at the time what could be? When he began searching for my purpose I never thought I’d have one of those elements. And when I finally found my base to start being part of this beginning, he started the interest and satisfaction of seeing the murals were in my town. I did not know it was but colors everywhere, firms could hardly understand and from boy started it all. My life in the Graffiti say partially started in Guaynabo seeing DEF.CRU walls or M.A.D. but he did not know who they were when suddenly one day I visited with my family to one of the aunts of my father, aunt and my cousin Toña Orlando Cabezudo that he learned the other part of this element. To my surprise he already had the art of letters and signatures of first impression I did not understand but from that moment I wanted to have that knowledge. When he came home he started the practice and finding my name, not spent a very short time and took advantage of the room with my cousin came my first JAE tag or name, SEC. I practiced and kept looking after PEZK decided on in my life I had the privilege of having a teacher who first recognizes not so jokingly but now enjoy having him by influences that are also friends and brothers such as Bexone, Ekc4, Jinx, SKE and Rek, Blen, Sen2, Prisco … Among other and what the culture of these elements relates to thank my element that surrounds me and each is wonderful and pure see how each MC each and every DJ BBOY graffiti unite and something out of every stereotype is formed fills me.

I share a piece of my story because it is quite long but only ask you to unite all elements sincerely and genuinely is very powerful, united with the heart and be able to communicate all our sensitivity and our struggle to live this is to much pure life is HIP HOP. We will continue to struggle and resistance to anything that ties, hurt and killed without any reason.