Mother of Pulse Victim Discusses Gun Violence with
A.J. Walton

The idea that the problem of mass shootings can be solved by making guns illegal is probably the most foolish, nonsensical, and irrational thing a person can conceive. Be aware that the right to bear arms is ingrained in our founding documents. It is more Americana than apple pie. There are literally millions of guns in millions of homes, and they won’t be going away, with or without a gun ban. Now that’s out of the way, why don’t you look at the root of the problem, instead of a symptom. There are two main causes of mass shootings: Islam, and psychotropic drug use. With Islam, you don’t have to look to far to understand that it is the most intolerant, abusive, violent death cult in world history, going back a couple thousand years. Muslims will kill or convert the rest of the world, and their goal is complete domination. Seriously. Look it up and quit listening to CNN telling you you’re a bigot and a racist. The only way that problem is going to be solved is by making war with Islam, on a case by case basis. The second problem, psychoactive drug use, is caused by big pharma telling people that their kids have ADHD, and other disorders that would otherwise constitute normal behavior. Perhaps they are a G.I. coming back from military service, and are battling depression. They have a solution for your kid, and on the warning label, it says that they may have suicidal or homicidal tendencies. You give it to your kid anyway. Next thing you know, they are doing mass murder, followed by suicide, and nobody thinks to go after the drug company, or the FDA who let them put this garbage on the street, which by the way, is worse than heroin. They go after the guns instead. How about we all get our heads out of our asses and start looking at the root of these problems, instead of trying to treat the symptoms, and maybe we’ll start to get on top of these issues.

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