Multitasking is Killing Your Brain
Larry Kim

What a great article. Multitasking can lead to increases in cortisol? That’s where my belly is coming from? I am probably the king of multitasking if there was one. I miss a simpler time when all I cared about was how many people called my BBS in a day, or a week, or a month.

This is the second article I read today that talks about checking email on a schedule and limiting or turning off notifications completely.

It makes me think about how Slack has a notification system you can fine tune so you aren’t inundated with all the nonsense that may be going on in your channels but only bugged if someone mentions your name or some keywords you designate.

I suppose you could take a similar approach with your email on all devices and not have mail pushed to younger checked every 5 minutes but set your email clients to check mail every 2 hours or more.

Like Chris Herd said, if someone needs you THAT bad, they can call you.

To wrap this up, I often use the term booked to let people around me know I’m literally busy or engrossed in something else and won’t be able to pay attention to them. I need to be more booked to become more productive than I already am. ;)