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Tired of 2 to 4 months of short relationships. What to do if you are a Victim of a Rebound Relationship.

Tired of 2 to 4 months of short relationships and its not working for you at all. Then this article is for you…

We will explore the following:

  1. What is a Rebound & how to identify it.
  2. If you are in love then how to convert a Rebound into a genuine Relationship.

A rebound is an undefined period following the breakup of a romantic relationship. From the past records of mine and from many other people around different cultures and countries a Rebound relationships are believed to be short-lived due to one partner’s emotional instability and desire to distract themselves from a painful break up.

How to identify a Rebound Relationship:

Don’t be a victim of Rebound see these things before going into a Relationship.

Below are some signs you may be in an unhealthy Rebound Relationship or you might be a victim of an unhealthy Rebound Relationship.

1. Getting Involved with Someone Who’s Not a Serious Prospect. Mostly local girls search foreigners or travellers as they knew one day they will flew away.

2. You Like the Relationship for the Attention.

3. Calls Partner When Lonely, Neglects Partner When Happy. Use them for personal pleasure.

4. You Want to Show Off Your New Partner to Your Ex. Through social media or through common friends.

5. Projecting Traits of Ex Onto New Partner. Keep discussing negative things about the Ex.

6. Thinking About Your Ex While Being with Your New Partner, keep discussing your Ex.

7. Not Including the New Partner in Your Inner Circle, social media, family.

8. Entering into partnership based on weakness rather than strength.

9. Increased emotional dependency or co-dependency.

10. Psychological vulnerability to being manipulated.

11. Psychological impetus to manipulate.

12. Risk of narcissism and sexual narcissism (exploitation).

13. Increased fear of rejection, abandonment, and trust.

14. Increased pathology of using short-term solutions to hide deeper relational issues.

15. Shout and get angry too often and very fast and after some times apologise for rude behaviours as the mind is in confuse state.

16. Ignore the calls, being cold often and saying no mood to meet and want to stay alone or walk alone.

17. Too busy in talking with friends and others and ignoring you when you are around and no more interesting topics to discuss and feel bored.

18. Fluctuations in mood. Mood swings too fast.

19. No discussions about future.

20. What ever you do they will take as granted. No value of doing good deeds.

If any one above signs exists in your current relationship be aware that you are a Victim of a Rebound Relationship.

Convert a Rebound into a Genuine Relationship.

If you are a victim of a Rebound and once you came to know this fact, We and Your partner specifically knows the fact that it is not easy to find a true love in this world. Realize and discuss these facts with your partner to make your Relationship move forward to a next step.

  1. In case of all Rebound relationship your partner is confused to either return back to Ex or to hold you as a second option until the Ex fully move on. Meet them and clear them this doubt. Try to stop then to get contact with the Ex and being your current boyfriend or girlfriend they will surely listen to you more then i Ex. The moment they block the Ex and there is no contact with them. Its your chance to turn the Rebound into the real relationship.
  2. Try to figure out from them indirectly with out mentioning the Ex ( as the discussion of Ex will make them miss the Ex again) what makes the breakup and what they hate much. Try to present your self exactly opposite to the Ex. And win there heart.
  3. Try to be more focus on future plans together, in beginning they will ignore it as we know its one of the property of a rebound relation but as you are in live with current rebound so realize them that they have better future. Common interests and a happy life now as compared to all past times.
  4. Some times if you immediately starts ignoring them and avoid there calls, texts and meetups create them too lonely as this will create an environment to get to know what you are upto makes them contact you immidiately. As most of the rebounds are confused and feel lonely after there serious relationship breakup. You such ignoring behaviour will make them realize your importance and they will turn to you with full force. Learn to say NO will help you at some extend.
  5. Try get physical as soon as possible as this will really help in some cases to get into a serious, practice is better then words rule apply here and in very few circumstances if rebound is only for other purposes like to full fill loneliness, money, revenge on Ex. Or to show Ex. That you can move on with out them then the relationship with come to an end quickly as the partner is not ready for the physical attachment.
  6. Be confident, make your mindset to help others and especially your partner and you will win there heart. Its not a day or a week task but keep in mind Rebound lasts 4 weeks to 12 weeks. This is the time you have to either with the heart or they will move onto some on else.
  7. Good luck !!!.


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