Having your infrastructure as part of your code is absolutely essential for keeping projects maintainable, but it can be a bit tedious. With the rise of higher level APIs, doing so can be fun again.

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When talking about Infrastructure as Code, HashiCorps Terraform has long been the prevalent choice. This is not for nothing, it offers solid integration for various cloud providers and helps you specify exactly what you want. But this can be a blessing and a curse: Giving you full control also means you have to be very exhaustive in writing your code.
Higher level APIs like AWS CDK…

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For several years, I’ve been helping various customers and projects adopt microservices as a strategy and they could benefit from doing so in various ways. The advantages of microservices have often been described - scalabilty, independent development and deployment cycles, having different teams work on them, to name just some.

I have been and still am a great advocate for using microservices. But when I recently joined a customer project, I saw the pattern massively abused and it resulted in lots of unnecessary problems and complexity. …

Over the past few years I have used Flyway as well as Spring Boot in several projects and have always enjoyed both of them for their simplicity and usability (disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with either boxfuse or Pivotal).

If you’re not familiar with it, Flyway is an open source tool that lets you manage your migrations for relational databases.
This means, that by using Flyway every schema change is done automatically and under the control of Flyway. No manual interaction is necessary.

With the recent release of version 5.0 the licensing model has been updated, introducing paid plans…

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Nachdem ich bereits einige Jahre als Consultant tätig bin, ist der regelmäßige Besuch von Konferenzen für mich ein ganz selbstverständlicher Bestandteil des Jobs geworden. Das Jahr hat zwar gerade erst begonnen, doch der erste Konferenzbesuch liegt schon hinter mir. Im Januar vertraten mein Kollege Frank und ich die Digital Frontiers mit einem Vortrag zum Thema API Evolution auf der OOP in München.

Die OOP gehört zu den größeren und bekannteren deutschen Konferenzen im Softwarebereich, ist aber nur eine von vielen Veranstaltungen, auf denen man uns treffen kann. …

Florian Pfleiderer

Senior Consultant & Co-Founder @dxfrontiers

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