And how do we design a guilt-free environment?

I have been part of a group called Building Belonging since its nascent days. I so care about the community’s intention. It’s made up of amazing people whom I’d love to learn from and be in deeper relationship with. And I’m a big fan of its initial steward, Brian Stout

And how that natural flow can be a relief.

For many years I was actively involved with my local Sandbox chapter in New York. Under the leadership of the extraordinary community weaver Niamh Hughes our small team of organizers (ambassadors in the Sandbox lingo) put on events, connected people, brought new members in. The local group was thriving and…

Reflections from 2.5 months hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail.

This summer I hiked 2.5 months on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT in short). My original intention was to hike the whole 2650 miles of it, but halfway through I was forced to stop by raging wildfires and thick smoke. Despite some sadness that my adventure got cut short, it…

Healthy communities need a center of gravity with dense and trusted relationships. Otherwise they are hollow and unsustainable.

On a hike this summer I walked through a beautiful old-growth forest with giant trees. At some point I came across a tree that had fallen on the trail and had been cut into smaller pieces. The tree’s stump was revealed and someone had marked the tree lines with a…

Why do we confuse gatherings and community so often? How are they different and what should we consider if we want to turn a gathering into a community?

There have been numerous times when I was sitting in the audience of some sort of gathering when the host in the closing would stand on stage and announce to the audience something along the lines of: “This was amazing. I feel so connected. This is not just an event…

So many community weavers struggle with trying to activate the passive parts of their community. That can be a frustrating and exhausting task. But is it the right challenge to focus on?

The three concentric circles

The three circles model, developed by Michel Bachmann and part of our learning journeys, has been central for understanding any community.

Imagine three concentric circles. In the core circle are your most active members, the community weavers, the stewards, maybe the co-founders, the people who take initiative and make things…

Our work with the Community Canvas has allowed me to see the state of “community building” from a bird’s eye view. Through the Canvas and the Facebook group we started I met community builders from Australia, Singapore, China, India, the Middle East, allover Europe, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Canada…

Fabian Pfortmüller

Grüezi, Swiss community builder in NYC, author of @CommunityCanvas, co-founder Together Institute,

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