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Last summer I was sitting with Ankit Shah in a cafe in San Francisco. A while into our conversation a stranger, sharing a table with us, reached over and asked: “Are you the Ankit from Tea With Strangers? I met my two best friends there. I love it”.

This serendipitous moment beautifully captures the essence of Ankit’s work. He founded an organization called Tea With Strangers, which brings people together over tea and helps them have honest, meaningful conversations. The organization hopes to fertilize the soil for deep relationships and ultimately inspire a deeper and more rooted faith in humanity.

I have been inspired by their approach for a while, because what Ankit and his community of hosts are doing isn’t building “community” in the way I normally think of it: they are not trying to create groups that continue to meet and build relationships over time. Instead, they have found a beautiful gathering template that can be replicated anywhere, a template that weaves the fabric of society more closely together. This for me is very much community work and I believe there is so much we all can learn from Tea With Strangers. Below are some highlights of what I learned from talking to him. …


Fabian Pfortmüller

Grüezi, Swiss community builder in NYC, author of @CommunityCanvas, co-founder Together Institute,

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