iP Marketplace White Paper

Alan Reyes
7 min readJul 22


New Age Web3 Design Agency

We are a Web3 design called iP Marketplace aka pfpmarket.io an agency committed to the creation of high-quality PFP NFT designs, transforming personal intellectual properties into one-of-a-kind digital assets. Our expertise extends beyond design to an array of Web3 marketing services, such as branding, logo creation, website development, and the curation of Web3 social media content.

At the heart of iP Marketplace is ‘Solana Slumdawgz’, our NFT project that ties our ecosystem. This unique collection features 2,222 NFTs, each minted on the Solana blockchain.

Ownership of a Slumdawg is more than a mere acquisition of digital art; it is an invitation to become part of a broader, ecosystem. As a Slumdawg holder, you unlock access to an exclusive privileges including indefinite whitelist from our Degen Marketplace (Free NFTs Designed by us for fun) whitelist access, for upcoming projects we design, and a supportive, vibrant community that shares a passion for Art, Memes & NFTs.

“Behind the scenes.”


iP Marketplace sets out to address a very real, often overlooked issue: the need for tangible utility in Web3.

Our vision is rooted in a philosophy inspired by those historical gold rushes. It wasn’t the lucky few who stumbled upon gold that reaped the most benefits, but rather those who sold the tools — the shovels — indispensable to every prospector’s quest. This very ethos forms the backbone of iP Marketplace. Our “shovels” in the digital gold rush are high-quality PFP NFT designs, serving a consistent demand in both bull and bear markets.

As a specialized Web3 design agency, we are poised to deliver these essential tools. In a landscape where new NFT collections are always being created and minted, it is undeniable that someone needs to wield the paintbrush. That’s where we step in. We’ve created a marketplace that stands the test of time, where we design NFT collections that not only captivate the eye but serve a fundamental role in the blockchain ecosystem.

Our own NFT project, ‘Solana Slumdawgz’, exemplifies this vision. These NFTs are the “shovels” of our ecosystem.

iP Marketplace is not merely a participant in the NFT frenzy, but a necessary commodity guiding the way towards a more sustainable, driven future in the Web3 space.

“Slumdawgz creating iP Marketplace”

Technical Aspects

iP Marketplace (Slumdawg) NFT’s is built upon the infrastructure of the Solana blockchain, chosen for its efficiency, affordability, and impressive transaction speed. Making it an increasingly preferred platform for both creators and collectors in the NFT space.

Moreover, Solana’s forward-thinking ecosystem boasts a rapidly growing number of developers along with a wave of prominent brands and consumers seeking to harness its capabilities.


An integral aspect of iP Marketplace’s vision for the future is the development of our own native token. The proposed token will extend to our ‘Solana Slumdawgz’ NFT collection and add an exciting new layer of interactivity for our community.

Our plan involves airdropping over 50% of the token supply to Solana Slumdawgz holders, demonstrating our commitment to rewarding those early adopters and supporters who have become a key part of our community.

Holders will be able to use their tokens to access customizable traits for their Slumdawgz, allowing them to uniquely mint or upgrade their NFTs. Exclusive perks within our marketplace will also be available for purchase with the tokens, as well as the ability to mint certain iP Marketplace NFTs exclusively via the token.

However, our commitment to innovation is always tempered by our dedication to acting responsibly within the framework of regulatory compliance. Being based in the United States, we are mindful of the need to adhere strictly to the relevant legal and regulatory guidelines as we develop this token. Our priority is to create something exciting, fun, and deeply integrated into our ecosystem, while also ensuring it complies fully with all necessary regulations.

At iP Marketplace, we envision a dynamic, token-powered ecosystem that fuses together artistry, utility, and community engagement in a way that is both exciting and legally sound.

“The Goal.”


At iP Marketplace, we understand that the path to sustained success is not determined by mere strength alone but by the ability to adapt and evolve. This truth, mirrored by the harsh lessons of natural history, Dinosaurs, despite their formidable strength, are a relic of the past, while the humble cockroach, adaptable and resilient, continues to thrive. In this spirit of adaptability, iP Marketplace has consistently evolved and grown within the NFT landscape for over two years.

Unlike many projects that emerged with a blaze of publicity and colossal funding only to fade away, iP Marketplace has remained a constant, entity. We raised just a fraction of what these giants secured, and yet, we are the ones still standing, still creating, still evolving. Our secret is adaptability. The ability to stay attuned to the shifts and turns of the market, to anticipate changes and adapt our strategies accordingly, has kept us not just relevant but crucial in this dynamic space.

Our roadmap, therefore, is less a rigid set of milestones, more an evolving plan that bends and sways with the Web3 world. That’s not to say we lack ambition or direction, quite the contrary. Our greatest goal, is to become the #1 NFT Design agency across all of Web3.

We envision iP Marketplace creating art for the biggest names in the industry, setting the standard for high-quality PFP NFT design. We dream of a day when our own NFT projects hold rank one positions, not just for their design appeal but for the dynamic and vibrant communities they foster.

Partners & Collaborations

At iP Marketplace, our work speaks for itself, and our growing list of high-profile collaborations and partnerships attests to our credibility and standing in the space.

We’re proud to have designed for some major names in the Web3 space, starting with the DeGods community, one of the prominent players in the NFT market. Our distinctive and eye-catching designs have also adorned the NFTs of Notigang, helmed by one of the most notable influencers on the Solana blockchain.

Our collaborations extend across the spectrum of Web3, with our art gracing over 20+ projects & or nft iP. We’re the official design partners for the Sidekick platform. We were hand selected for the Yoots mint, further cementing our reputation as a go-to design agency for high-quality NFT collections.

Our partnerships also include successful collaborations with Bitcoins Buds, Smthys at one point being the most requested project on Subber, Pixl Labs, NFT San Diego, and GMERS NFT, among others. Notably, we had the opportunity to represent at NFT NYC, one of the biggest events in the NFT calendar, which allowed us to connect with other innovators in the space and stay at the forefront of developments.

Our partnerships are a testament to our professionalism, talent, and commitment to quality. As iP Marketplace continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to forging new alliances, strengthening existing relationships, and bringing the unique iP Marketplace touch to even more projects in the Web3 world.


Alan, also known as “humbleslumdogg” or “alanthenftguy”, commands a rich experience of over a decade in graphic design. His tenure in the creative industry has enabled him to hone his skills and develop a sharp eye for design and aesthetics. Having been an active participant in the NFT space for two years, Alan brings not just his creative prowess, but a keen understanding of the market dynamics, trends, and consumer behavior. His graphic design expertise, coupled with his deep understanding of the NFT landscape, is a cornerstone of iP Marketplace’s visual appeal and strategic direction.

Co-founder Brandon, known within our community as “The Bando”, is the artistic driving force behind iP Marketplace. With more than 8 years of experience across diverse artistic mediums — from traditional paper and canvas to cutting-edge digital platforms — Bradon’s artistic repertoire is both expansive and impressive. His artistry is pivotal to the creation of the captivating NFTs that have come to define iP Marketplace.

Together, Alan and Bradon synergize their creativity and understanding of the NFT landscape to steer iP Marketplace. Their combined experiences and skills have laid a solid foundation upon which iP Marketplace stands, and their vision guides its journey into the future.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

At iP Marketplace, we take our commitment to legal and regulatory compliance very seriously. Our NFTs are marketed and sold as pieces of digital art or PFPs (Profile Picture NFTs) that come with the added benefit of membership in our active community. We adhere to all relevant guidelines and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that our operations remain transparent and within the boundaries of legality.

Risk Factors

Despite our efforts to create a stable and thriving ecosystem, it’s important to remember that iP Marketplace, like any other venture in the digital asset space, is not immune to potential risks. This includes those inherent in market fluctuations, changes in regulatory landscapes, or broader global events.

Community members should therefore exercise their own judgment in their interactions with iP Marketplace, bearing in mind that the value of NFTs and other digital assets can fluctuate. Furthermore, while we strive to provide as much information as possible to our community, we do not offer financial advice.

We are committed to maintaining a transparent and open environment, with all important information publicly available. However, as a community member, the responsibility to assess the potential risks and rewards rests with you. Your involvement with iP Marketplace should be based on careful consideration and understanding of these factors. We encourage responsible participation within our community, and we’re always here to assist with clarifications or further information as required.