This feels very important to me. It invites me to recognize that taking action requires a certain complicity with the injustice of this man’s experience. The means through which this man’s story can reach the world exists it because we are willing to exploit the weak for the benefit of the strong.

Cynically, I know this will be in the news for a few days before it fades away into the din of 21st century life. The uncomfortable sting will just be too much for our flashy, electronic gizmos and gadgets;

I type this note rather ironically on a high-end smartphone, produced overseas in factories like those described, the minerals for its assembly having likely​ come from hot African mines operated by little boys and girls barely old enough to run, let alone work underground;

I’m not naive enough, then, to think that much, if anything will happen. Bringing freedom to this one slave would require upending the entire global socioeconomic system, something considered by almost everyone to be impossible.

My only hope is that the God of Justice will hear this man’s cry in this life, and in the next. I must trust that her voice will not only comfort him, nourish him, and bring him peace, for it is all I imagine she can offer, given this horribly unjust world, but also 'that which is beyond all understanding’.

As for us, the world’s wealthy, Oh Lord, I only ask for mercy.