You Can Save Lives with Just One Click

Did you know that 1 organ donor can save 8 lives?

Just over a year ago, I was told I had a tumour in my abdomen.

The ultrasound indicated that it might be the size of a golf ball.

The CT scan showed something much bigger, perhaps the size of a football.

When the tumour was finally removed from my abdomen, after it had perforated my bowels, it was found to be 25 lbs.

In the days before my surgery, I was living in what could be described as pure hell.

We know now that the tumour was doing more than just sitting there, growing.

It was displacing my entire digestive system.

When the surgeons went in, they found that my duodenum had been entirely blocked, preventing food from exiting my stomach.

It made sense why I couldn’t eat anything; there was simply no room to eat.

After it was all said and done, my parents had magically shown up, flying out from British Columbia, after the surgeons told my wife that I may not make it out of the surgery alive.

Let me tell you this: the generosity of the people of Ontario who gave blood saved my life. My friends even set up a blood donation drive with the hashtag #Donate4Peter, posting photos in my Cancer Campaign Facebook Page. With 15 blood transfusions over the course of a 6 hour surgery, and a further two when I was recovering upstairs in the ward, blood donations were the difference between life and death.

To find out how you can donate blood, click here

Imagine how torturous it might be for someone waiting not for blood, but for an organ?

Before my health crisis, I was selfish. I thought that my organs were mine, and I was going to go to the grave with them. Why would I want to give up such an integral part of me?

Last Sunday at Nexus, one of the attendees shared her story.

Diagnosed suddenly with renal failure, she needed a kidney, and badly.

Her mother turned out to be a match, and a kidney was donated, saving the young woman’s life.

When you give of yourself wholly, when you consider everything that you could for to leave behind a legacy of humility, what better way than to leave behind your organs as a lifesaving gift?

As soon as I came home from the hospital on May 22, 2015 I signed up to be a donor.

I was literally wheeled through the door by my wife, and while she unpacked my hospital bags, I went online and signed up to be a donor.

By making a gift of yourself, you can save lives.

Become a Registered Organ Donor today.

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