Musiklists journey part 2

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on details of the app. I’ve learned over the years that details to matter, attention to detail could make a big difference between OK and great. I like to build things and it’s so easy to and tempting to keep coding trying to make something “better” or even worse “perfect”. I’ve learned my lessons and I feel I past that already. Version 1.o was quiet ugly, I expected that and at some point I was feeling proud of it, I released fast and things have been improving since then.


As an entrepreneur I understand wearing multiple hats is part of the equation and that’s ok, I embrace it and I am quiet liking actually. Now I am able to stay away from coding for sometime and look for those much needed users. Marketing on a budget, networking, getting feedback, all those things that probably I didn’t used to pay much attention to.

Now it’s part of my daily routine, check for traffic, new users, social media feedback, marketing, meetings, networking, at some point I can be annoying talking with people, pitching but it’s just the drive that takes me to do things like that until I can’t move in that direction then I go somewhere else and I do the same thing. This project is making me grow a thick skin, get the most out of everything, save as much as I can, being cheap and get as many free things as I can. And I shouldn’t forget that I try not to waste time in networking events chit chatting, I just go for and talk to whoever I think is the right people. I still mastering my elevator pitch and is going well.

The Parthenon

At the end of the day, I always go back to see if there’s bugs, how to make the app look nicer, and I always wonder if this is what the market needs, how I can adjust it, is it time to pivot? it’s never easy to decide, I guess I will keep trusting my gut, learning from the best and keep moving forward.

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