On Gun Control

Obama is coming for our guns!!! this is probably the most used frase in the last duple of years in American Politics, it refers to an issue that for some is a cure and for some is a far worse disease. There are many different views on guns, some like Hugo Chavez and our friends at the Tea Party believe it is essential to have a population that is fully armed in case the government goes rogue and installs a totalitarian regime on its citizens or in the case a crime that threatens someones life is committed that person is protected. But how protected are you really when anybody can get a gun from the internet without having to pass any mayor background check, we should ask our friends at ISIS and AL Qaeda what they think about that.

In 2010 sixty seven percent of homicides where gun-related, “but guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Why should guns be banned if the other thirty three percent of homicides in the country where committed using a different method? well… because where one thing is responsible for more than half of the homicides in one country, something is not going well, and chances are it would be advisable to find a way rot regulate it. If cars are so heavily regulated, and not anyone can drive a car why should everyone be able to own a gun? food for thought.

Congressional research estimated in 2009 that there where around 310 million firearms in circulation, meaning that including babies, children, mental patients, gang members, and other groups of society whom which you wouldn’t really feel comfortable knowing they own a gun, owned one. But its okay because it is for self defense… well, no, when you have are trying to put out a fire, you don’t gasoline at it, that will only make the flames bigger, what experts suggest is drowning it or taking away the oxygen, so in this case the solution to having a high gun proliferation is not more guns but getting out of the streets.

In the past few years many shootings have been reported in schools, malls, universities, and other public areas. Most of the crimes where committed by mentally unstable people who somehow managed to get their hands on a firearm or most cases several… after the shootings happened almost always, people would get up and ask one question, HOW? how did these people who clearly where not mentally stable got their hands on a gun,and in most cases the shock came when we found out that the firearms where obtained legally.

If you ask me, all guns should be banned, they bring nothing but chaos and death, yet since I know that is highly unlikely we should ask people to exercise common sense while buying guns, after all… do you really need 60 guns for yourself ?