Welcome to the Dark Day

It is almost exactly 14 years ago Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” was just reaching the top of the charts, when the post 9/11 fervor was waning and once more the world began beating the drums of wars. Cheered by Neo-Conservatives who claimed dangerous weapons were to be found in Iraq, America stepped into war. Iraq was not involved in 9/11 and had been involved in absolutely zero international aggression, yet we marched to war much of the nation skeptical, but confident that there must be a good reason. There wasn’t. Millions died. Birth defects because of the weapons used by the U.S. in Iraq continue haunt the Iraqis to this day. This deadly goose chase was followed by 8 years of an Obama presidency that was at war every single day of its existence. No other presidency had been at war more. More drone strikes, more countries invaded. The middle east fell into a never ending chaotic stew of constant war.

The nation elected Donald Trump. A man who, regardless of his faults had at least stood strong agains the U.S. Involvement in endless wars. He was an open critic of the Iraq war and had mercilessly criticized both Obama and Clinton on the disasters in Syria and Libya. It seemed the tied of international conflicts were perhaps finally coming to the end and a president bent on “Making America Great” would possibly, at least if nothing else, keep us out of new wars in a countries thousands of miles away. A nation with growing economic woes, terrible debt, and a growing opioid crisis could perhaps once again focus on its own issues.

However it seems that was not to be. The marching drums of war perhaps really are beyond politics, beyond debate, beyond anything. It is as if we are caught on a some turn-table disk that can’t manage to get past the skip. We cycle around and around, never changing, never learning.

In 2003 it was the Republicans stoking the fires of war, aided constantly by the apparatus of the “deep state” with only tepid support from moderate democrats, and contempt from libertarians and liberals. In somewhat strange twist, this time it was the Republican president who was hesitant but egged on by the “deep state” which is never satisfied in its lust for war. Democrats who positioned themselves as the anti-Trump party were forced to support the move toward war. For once in this strange and divided time, war-hawks in the Republican Party, the Deep State, and Democrats were all on board with rushing into war, and a Republican president perhaps too concerned with his falling poll numbers, or the assertion of ties to Russia dove right along with them into fire of war, defying all his supporters and sending us all back to 2003 to live out this most strange timeline once more.