First light

A nearby magpie clears its throat, the slightly garbled warble signalling pre-dawn. Opening the door to look outside the “thump, thump, thump” of a kangaroo making its way across the neighbouring paddock is heard. Wonder if the animal was surprised by one of those boxes containing humans opening up at this time of the morning.

To the east the sky slowly brightens and more birds join the chorus, accompanied by the rumble of semi-trailers on the nearby highway echoing off the surrounding hills. Tired eyes strain in the faint light to pick out details; the crisp morning air a good substitute for a coffee at this time of the day.

It is still, no breeze. The only hint of energy being the lightening sky and the increasing number of birds joining the magpie in welcoming the day. Retreating back inside the mind turns to relaxing into the day ahead.

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