Tick tock, the old style analogue clock in the lounge marks time. Between two and four am it’s dark, save for the dim green light of the led displays and chargers around the house.

The mind is awake, of sorts. Through the eyes looking at the ceiling it draws pictures using shadows cast by led; no movement of course for there is no breeze inside and aside from the lounge clock there is no noise outside the faint echo of my breathing.

Reaching across the mobile phone is grabbed and the eyes are treated to the latest news, harvesting information from the Twitter stream. Apps are started, sources browsed, tweets written, edited, deleted and sent. The mind isn’t tired, it flutters around.

The cycle seems to be about thirty minutes long: listen to the marking of time, study ceiling, think, browse information, return phone, listen. Rinse. Repeat.

Don’t know where or why this started. Seems to be habit forming. Concerning. Could be a range of factors of course with lots going on in life. Learned humans used to have multiple sleep periods. Am I regressing? Looking forward to the next sleep. Probably will happen fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off. Unsurprising.

Listens. Scans. Thinks. Browse.

Breaking the pattern today. Writing something, thinking if creating content rather than just consuming it may help rest the mind. So far, hasn’t helped. Noticing the blinking cursor on the phone roughly keeping pass with the lounge clock provides a momentary distraction.

Sleep. Rest. Amazed by the people who can seemingly operate on almost none of it. Adrenalin? Caffeine? Boundless energy or acceptance of permanent exhaustion? Don’t know but thinking it’d be nice to have either or.

Getting tired now. Words stalling, errors creeping into the phone based typing and autocorrect going nuts. Perhaps this creation thing may work.

Listens. Scans. Thinks. Browse.


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