Banking on Nexum

Panos Georgolios
3 min readNov 18, 2022

Back to the basics…

Banking on Nexum

Time to get back to the basics

What’s the purpose of the NEXM blockchain? Facilitating access of capital to the shipping, maritime and oil industries. Right?

Now that the Defi protocols sirens have stopped singing and cryptospace seems worse than Conor Mcgregor cornered by Floyd Mayweather it is time for the new Defi.

The Nexum ecosystem delivering on its promise, introduces a totally innovative, real-world asset DeFi. A financial fortress based on a solid economic model that describes the transactions in the Nexum chain, a lending protocol based on Funds At Work, in a real-life use case right in the heart of the shipping industry.

Cornerstone of the lending protocol is the Nexum Wallet, that people will be able to access at

The Nexum Wallet

Through the Nexum Wallet , we aim for anyone to be able to buy, sell and transfer crypto and fiat assets and connect any wallet (like Coinbase, Binance, Metmask etc) to allow his crypto to earn yield from the shipping industry by financing invoices of bunker fuel.

The Nexum Wallet

Nexum wallet comes together with an agreement with Circle, the Goldman Sachs backed, USDC provider that converges to the Nexum ecosystem by allowing anyone with USD to convert to USDC in minimum costs.

Then, through an event-based engine, every time a shipping trader requests for financing the Nexum Platform connects to the wallet and requests the appropriate capital, given the appropriate collaterals, so every kind of loan ends up fully and over collateralized by the most senior collaterals.

Financing then occurs , provided of course the traders has acquired and deposited the needed amount of NEXM tokens to be able to use the services of the NEXUM ecosystem.

So what happens to the NEXM token?

This is the best part, as the NEXM token is the utility token of the NEXUM blockchain, shipping traders have to buy from the market and deposit it to the Nexum platform to receive the needed financing, just like a ticket to an event.

As a result, this creates a steady demand for the token, independent of crypto volatility and depended only on the fundamentals of the industry it serves, that leads to a breakthrough tokenomics model that can only reward the token holdes either if they stake or of they trade.

Here you can see it much more detailed if you have a long attention span, or just love math😊

At the end of the day, this is a revolution, a mechanism tokenizing receivables the way it should be , in a solid pro-regulation financial structure.

And this is what, we think will be the future of Defi, a solution targeted for those who like efficiency and transparency .

A great applications for those who love not losing money even more than making money.



Panos Georgolios

CoFounder of NEXUM, Panos holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. A serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Panos has co-founded numerous tech businesses