Crypto means business

Sam Bankman Fried was literally fried, Luna’s pegged to dollar coin collapsed, Celsius Network is accused by many to be a scam and the crypto skepticists celebrate , all of it in just 5 months.

Does this means crypto is in a dead end ?

Or it the right time to position and invest to find the next Bitcoin of the 2025?

I get a lot of both these questions asked lately.

The way myself and the Nexum team sees it there are only 2 schools in the crypto space.

The first as very eloquently put by the Ripple global campaign , Crypto means Business. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the blockchain, the Defi, the ledgers are real and crypto through blockchain technologies can solve problems that have plagued our existing financial system for decades. This is the world of Nexum, where Nexum blockchain underlying the utility of Nexm token expands the ecosystem of shipping and oil industries, industries that are decentralized by default and suffer the inefficiencies and diseases of the existing financial system.

The second is the school of Speculation, as a friend of mine would put it as Crypto is like the Matrix, what ever happens there stays there . This is the school of Terra Luna, Celsius and SBF , others as well, usually smart people hedging tokens and claiming to make money by being smarter than the others. This is a school that has produced unexplained lavish lifestyle and the exaggerations that Gen X and the followings seem to love.

At the end of the day this comes down to a very simple question. Would you like to join the team of the people that innovate in terms of technology and business, think deeply and contemplate every move, work cealessley to realize the vision of a better, more fair and more efficient world that they all share or those who are just looking for hacks or gambles to get rich fast?

Although Nexum is a token trading in the cryptocurrency exchanges, the answer has been given a long time ago. We started using top notch technologies like , AI and the blockchain to successfully disrupt the shipping industry ,and now having achieved that, we are going to global scale through the unprecedented potential that crypto offers.

In Nexum ecosystem, crypto solves a real problem and does it in a way that’s totally efficient, transparent and fair.

In Nexum ecosystem clearly crypto means shipping and oil business.

As the ecosystem expands, and the following days we are about to announce major updates and partnerships, and major ecosystem participation expansion with important people and organizations in the Arabic world, Europe and the U.S, please do not be fooled .

The route of value, is the route of hard work, and the route of hard work is a long route.

Disruption always takes time and Nexum has taken its time as we have worked on it for so many years already. Probably it will take some more time, during which additional Ftx-like cases will come out, more people will get crazy and predict the end of the world, or realize new 100X profits to confuse and manipulate those who are looking for the easy way or the quick hack, but in the end, the blockchain is the technology of the 21st century and crypto is here to stay.

Besides, good things always take time, just like you cant have a baby in 1 month by making 9 women pregnant.



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Panos Georgolios

CoFounder of NEXUM, Panos holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. A serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Panos has co-founded numerous tech businesses