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4 min readDec 21, 2023

Blockchain technology has been around for a while

In 2014, less than 10 years ago, Blockchain technology is separated from the Bitcoin currency and its potential for other financial, inter organisational transactions is explored. Blockchain 2.0 is born, referring to applications beyond currency

The Ethereum blockchain system introduces computer programs into the blocks, representing financial instruments such as bonds. These become known as smart contracts.

In the 10 years that followed the world of finance, technology and politics presupposed a revolution, resulting in huge upsides in just 10 years.

In other words an 8 year old kid who would use dad’s pocket money to buy Ethereum instead of Mcdonalds for 3 months, would be a multi millionaire by 18.

This is unprecedented and can be only compared to the Dot Com explosion of the 90s that led into the leading global powers of today’s technology giants not later than 20 years after it imploded.

In 2023, according to a research I was just reading, over 87% of global businesses are thinking on how to implement blockchain in their business ops. A just 10 year old technology breaks into the Main street after creating its own version of a Wall street through the cryptocurrency trading and the multiple exchanges

But now it is a whole new game.

Blockchain the years to come will go into all businesses, it will be adopted by most of the industries in order to support and operate innovative and more productive business models, to leverage transparency in investments and financial transactions and further secure the internet as a means of information exchange and business conduct.

While cryptocurrencies will remain a speculative version of the adoption of blockchain as time goes by , real life adoption and real world assets and businesses will converge on chain.

But what is the common denominator between cryptocurrencies and blockchain 2.0, speculation and real life use?

The need for decentralization .

Intelligent people all over the world have brought revolutions and became super wealthy by simply disrupting industries where privileged use of information led into unfair product or services pricing and few people were exploiting their insight into knowledge to make money against the many.

Every technology giant I know, either in travel services like, or in commerce like amazon or in media like facebook became a global success exactly thanks to democratizing access of information leading into a more transparent and fair service provision system. And by leveraging this value made themselves and their shareholders super wealthy.

The requests of mankind today are simple and blockchain fits in exactly,

Transparency into business conduct, value based compensation, equal opportunities and treatment in labour and incentives to create value not led by a central authority but by the distribution of the generated value.

This is what blockchain technology exactly entails, this is what blockchain based technology does and this is what so many intelligent people get into it.

IMHO Tokenization of assets and particularly financial services will be the next big thing in 2024, like NFTs has been in the last crypto rally

Decentralization is the driving force of it.

An ecosystem where no central authority leads, where different teams with different ideas and different backgrounds can interact to jointly generate value in the space.

And decentralization in the crypto space is so powerful and pre eminent that even the exchanges that are decentralized are becoming the dominant version against centralized ones , in the Wall street analogy of crypto.

And this is exactly what Nexum did with the shipping industry being the first that attracted so many people from all over the world either as investors or as ecosystem participants.

And the result was very encouraging,

In November 1, Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) launched the digital bunkering initiative on Nov. 1, making the city-state the first port in the world to use electronic bunker fuel delivery notes.

The digital notes will replace physical documents containing information on fuel oil deliveries. Under the initiative, fuel suppliers, ship owners, operators and crew will be encouraged to use mobile and cloud-based applications approved by the MPA to complete and issue
bunkering documents. Digital bunkering is the precursor to blockchain based bunker fuel financing that nexum alteady does since 2019.

The result was imidiate , the very week that Digital Bunkering was announced in Singapore NEXM token price grew 5X . Realization of multi chain layer 3 networks is ante portas and Nexum is the pioneer.

And this will show,

articles like this already preassume it.

Just a few weeks after that thousands of people joined the Nexum Telegram community, surpassing the 17000 members today in telegram and offering many big live and vibrant regional communities like the Nexum Turkey that self organised to be avle to access and use Nexm

And this is just a simple sign, buyoing the transformation coming.

Bitcoin skyrocketed just with an idea of a real life financing instrument like ETFs approval, imagine a real life application.

The days to come more and more teams that develop exciting blockchain based application either in finance, or in shipping or in oil tech will onboard to Nexum ecosystem , using its token and adding value from their own perspective into an ecosystem that just starts to take its position in the world of crypto and blockchain.

And this is really big, this is just starting and it all takes for people to understand how we all apply and serve decentralization, and inspire teams to work on a truly decentralized amazing business ideas launchpad



Panos Georgolios

CoFounder of NEXUM, Panos holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. A serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Panos has co-founded numerous tech businesses