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4 min readMay 12, 2022


Going Multi-Chain or the live after Ethereum

Multichain solutions will change the blockchain space from an “interesting new technology” to an essential, high-growth industry.

The blockchain industry market size was estimated by some to reach more than $21 billion by 2025. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market as a whole before the sellofff reached over $1.9 trillion. An ecosystem that was once defined by its tight-knit community and exclusivity now reaches governments, businesses, institutional investors and individuals who are all becoming more positive about the evolving space.

We started NEXM token as a financial tool to replace funding we were receiving from financiers and capitalists in our fintech platform for shipping receivables. The shipping and oil industry is an industry decentralized by default where every ship is absolutely a living organization, subject to specific financial models that we already had in our hands since 2015 as the NEXUM team has extended experience in tech, financial modelling and shipping credit.

Shipping community is a real life example of a community of practice backed by a network of high volume monetary transactions very appropriate for cryptocurrencies. The results were also phenomenal .

In less than 3 months following our launching , hundreds of millions of tokens were sold and a deal with institutional investor in UAE ,a country which thrives on oil and shipping transactions, were landed. NEXM community rose rapidly to thousands of followers.

Yet NEXM was a simple ERC20 smart contract on Ethereum just describing the buy and selling of the utility token NEXM for the shipping industry. Tailor made to enable the trasnactions in shipping , targeted and expected in the beginning to be acquired by the stakeholders of the shipping industry was rapidly embraced by a broader community of crypto investors and holders mainly through word of mouth and the Centralized Exchanges it got listed.

In the meantime as the global financial elite was digesting the genesis of this initiative, demand for tokens by huge organizations in the industry made us rethink of a way to be able to serve the demand without emptying the token reserve.

And NEXUM Defi was born, the first Defi protocol to mix crypto and real life assets.

And before even implementing , 2 financials organizations with multi-Billion balance Sheets connected with NEXUM foundation to deploy first the DeFi protocol allowing the pledge of crypto-equity and real life assets in an unprecedented for the crypto-real life interface staking mechanism which we will present thoroughly the following weeks.

It is clear that NEXM should transform into a leading blockchain technology organization. And so we did

NEXM seems to have the recipe that can make NEXM an example for the business of 2030, and a leading power in the cryptosphere ranking among the top 10 or even top 5 cryptocurrencies by 2025

But a simple ERC20 contract may be appropriate for a limited factoring application, especially with all the delay around Ethereum 2.0. The demand and the reception from the global community nonetheless showed clearly the path,

We need to engage the community in 3 steps, 3 discrete periods of time.

· The period of trust where we build trust by showing the commitment to planning and execution

· The period of validation where the ecosystem grows by adding people, groups, teams and corporations in the ecosystem and finally

· The period of mass adoption where we anticipate for NEXM to be globally traded and discussed,

Furthermore the NEXM ecosystem can not be supported just by an ERC20 contract let alone when Ethereum 2.0 full implementation takes so long.

The huge need for Cheaper, faster and diversified transactions led us to complete the bridging to all popular chains, including Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, FANTOM, Polygon, Cardano etc. And the reception was again impressive

In less than 3 weeks ,

· over 10,000 holders acquired bridged from ERC20, BEP20 NEXM running on Binance Chain, holding over 100 mil bridged tokens, swapping Bep20 NEXM in prices over 60 cents close to ATH

· Trust wallet verified BEP20 NEXM , providing logo identification and proof of validity of the project

· Over 10 mil NEXm tokens were successfully bridged to Polygon (MATIC) blockchain and polygon chain verified the bridged NEXM

In less than 4 months since inception NEXM is now on all chains and soon launching the NEXM wallet connector that will allow holders to buy NEXM tokens from a credit, debit card and paypal in optimum manner .

In the days to follow NEXUM Foundation will make NEXM available to a wide global audience, in every chain, in every wallet, in a cheap and efficient manner leading to an increasing number of validators, ecosystem contributors and going one step closer to mass adoption.

Practically everyone will be able to easily find and buy NEXM either if they are or if they are not part of the crypto community

Soon the community can expect from NEXUM

· Detailed instructions on how to migrate held ERc20 position to a tradeable Bep20 position or other chains.

· Announcement of a very sophisticated staking DeFi mechanism with return in stable coin

· Significant development of the ecosystem with big players and organizations, including VC investments in the NEXUM Platform Corporation

· Strategic partnerships with financial institutions for participation in the Defi and custodial services for NEXM

· Further listings in multiple exchanges

NEXM is set to disrupt the shipping industry and this is what we will do



Panos Georgolios

CoFounder of NEXUM, Panos holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. A serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Panos has co-founded numerous tech businesses