I walk up to the dreaded red door. Symbolizing the blood bath that is about to occur. I stand there for a moment staring at the old wooden door praying that my parents are both asleep. Maybe they don’t even know I’m late. Maybe I will be able to creep quietly up the stairs and they won’t wake up. I slowly pull out the key to unlock the wrath that is about to come down on me. I open the door as quietly as i can. I take one step in and see no one. Yes! I am in the clear! I turn the corner to head up the stairs and of course with my luck sitting on the bottom step is my father. If only it had been my mother maybe i would have been safe.

Unable to hold his anger, my father exclaims, “Jackson where the hell have you been?”

Anxiously I replied, “I lost track of time i swear i did not know it was this late.” Tommy and

I were just playing video games it’s not like we were out at a party.”

. Jackson’s father screaming says, “I hope you know that i am aware you are lying directly to my face, Mrs. Watson called me and was kind enough to inform me o where you boys were.”

. Quivering he responds, “I wasn’t drinking i swear dad.”

. “Did I ask you to speak I am not finished.”

. Filled with anger his father exclaims, “ I was two minutes away from getting into my car and driving over to that house and dragging your ass out of there.” “In front of all of your friends and everything.”

Jackson fills with fear and guilt. He doesn’t know how to respond or what he should say. He worries that he will be grounded for eternity and there i no easy way out of this one. He thinks to himself of any sentence to confess his wrongdoings or apologize.

All Jackson could mutter was, “I wish you had.”

“I will kick your ass if you give me one more snotty remark” , Screamed his dad

Oh shit jackson thought. Why would i ever say such a thing? I didn’t mean to say that. I was mad that i got caught but saying i wish he had. What the hell was I thinking. Now i am never going to be able to see the light of day again. I am the biggest idiot, jackson thought to himself.

. “Have you had time to think about your actions.”, angrily stated by his father

. “ I didn’t mean what i said. I was being stupid and I really do not know why I even said it.”

. “I am going to make a nice little announcement to the neighborhood tomorrow.”

. “Dad please no, I didn’t mean to be this late, don’t.”

. “Oh no no it’s too late Jackson you deserve to be punished for being this absurdly late and talking back to me.”

. “Jackson you know your curfew is twelve o’clock, I can’t even comprehend why you thought a two A.M arrival would be okay.”

. “Go up to your room immediately, we will continue this conversation tomorrow.”

Jackson quietly mutters to himself, “I am not the one at fault here.”

. “You come home at 3 A.M almost every night, I am not the one who goes to a bar every night to drown himself in alcohol”, Jackson exclaims.

. “You have no authority to speak to me in this manner. I am your father and i can do whatever I choose to.”

. “I was going to tell you what was going on i promise.” His father contemplating whether or not to tell him the truth of the situation. Is it better or worse that his seventeen year old son knows about his failure?

. His emotions growing strong he states, “I was laid off a couple of weeks ago and that is why I have been out of the house so often. I try to get a job during the day while you are at school and at night as I fail to be a provider I go out and drink myself into oblivion.”

. Jackson not knowing how to respond to his father’s cry for help he simply says, “I had no idea I am so sorry.”

Feeling guilty for yelling at his father Jackson decides to step slowly towards his father who is not the affectionate type and give him a hug. His father reluctantly hugs him back, but after a few seconds embraces his son.

. “Is there anything I can do to help out. I can get a job at the diner on 7th street, and i could work after school.”

. “Son you should not have to worry about this. You are too young you should be a kid and your mother and I will figure everything out.”

. Jackson shakes his head agreeingly and says, “tomorrow morning the two of us will go and see what jobs are available.”

His father agrees and both head off to bed. Jackson doesn’t know if he is still going to be in trouble tomorrow, but he knows that his dad is going through too much right now for him to be his old bratty self.