Eating Disorders

Social influences have become a major problem with the development of eating disorders. It is difficult for younger individuals to be able to ignore these statements made by others and continue to love who they are. Studies have shown that fifty to seventy percent of normal-weight girls think they are overweight. If these people are continued to be put down by others they are at a high risk of deciding that it is better to not eat and fit it then it is to be healthy and ignore the rude comments. Another problem that has become evident is that teens are basing their self worth on how many likes they get, and the comments they receive. If this pattern continues teens all around the world will slowly lose confidence in which they are and the way they look. If the only comments people are receiving are negative then they will begin to believe that they’re worthless. Social acceptance is huge when children are in these vulnerable years of middle school and high school. Since this is true, many will go to extreme lengths to fit in. Media is another issue with eating disorders. If teens are looking at models in magazines and on billboards they will compare themselves to those images. Many don’t take the time to think about what has really been done to these photos. Almost all of the images portrayed have been photoshopped or cut in some way. This makes an unrealistic idea of perfection in society. Many believe that because they aren’t a 00 they are not beautiful