First Day

Laying peacefully in my lavender room, waiting impatiently, watching the Christmas lights shining above me, tapping my thumbs together. I wonder how much longer it will be until I have to get up out of bed and force myself into the shower. Last alarm goes off, I know I need to get moving. I slowly roll myself off of my fluffy pillow and Tempur pedic mattress. I glide my feet one at a time until I reach the cold tile floor of the bathroom. Walking over to the shower to start up the scorching water I realize I left my towel back in my bedroom, so regretfully I shuffle back to grab the towel. I then hop in the shower feeling slightly more hopeful I will gain some form of energy from this. After ten minutes of standing letting the water run down from the top of my head across my face and to my feet I realize that I will be late if i don’t get going. I step out of the shower and walk back into my bedroom. I consider finding a fashionable new outfit for my first day, but instead I sift through my piles upon piles of T-shirts and pick the first pair of running shorts I saw. I then walk downstairs and my mother is waiting for me. She says, “You look so cute for your first day of senior year.” I Laughed, because I knew she was just trying to be nice. As I walk out the door she yelled to me to stop. She of course wanted a first day of school picture. I have taken the excited, angry, upset, and scared first day photo every year since preschool. Once the photo shoot is over I reluctantly step into my car. Slowly turning the key thinking that it’ll help pass time. As I drive I wonder who I will see, what teachers will say hello in the halls, and what friends I will have in my classes. I try to take in the drive focusing on how this is my last year following my parents rules, coming to school five days a week at 7:30am, and seeing the same people everyday. Thinking about what the future holds is what I realize will get me through this last year. Many say that I should cherish every moment, but truthfully I wouldn’t mind leaving and heading off to college tomorrow. I know that I will use this last year at Prospect High School to create new relationships and memories, but ultimately I won’t miss most of the people once we all go to school.

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