Match One

Today’s the day. Our first match of the season against Maine South. Nerves shooting through every part of my body. I want our team to come out strong and show everyone how we can really play. After yesterday’s practice we need to prove ourselves not to just our coach, but all of our families and supporters coming out to watch. My mind just continues to spin, round and round. I wonder if i will be good enough. Good enough to say that I deserve to be the varsity starting setter. Last season my cousin was the varsity setter and i had to be respectful of that, but this year is my year. I run the offence, I call out what everyone is hitting, I decide what plays we are going to run. It’s me this year and I am not going to let that slip away. I have to be the leader for our team or we will not succeed. Every team needs someone to lead and I hope that today I can show everyone how capable I really am. Starting off with a win this year would boost every player’s confidence. As long as we come out fighting I have faith in this team to dominate. I do not want another fifteen minute lecture on how we should have played and what we did wrong. If we all work together as one we can do what we need to do. Everyone is sick and tired of the daily discussion of how we need to be playing. Sometimes the effort just is not there. We let our emotions get the best of us. I realize that if I allow my anger and frustration to take over then we will not be successful. If I choose not to set someone based on how I feel about them I am not being a good teammate. I get the negative thoughts out of my head. I know what needs to happen the second I step on that court. Then the bell rings, it’s the end of the school day. I hop in my car and hurry home. I need to eat and relax so i’m prepared. After little over an hour I head back to school. I begin to watch the JV team anxiously. I can see their nerves glaring on their faces. They have never played on this court before, they don’t know what to expect, they continually look up into the stands for their family and friends. After the first game my team and I start to get our uniforms on and lace up our shoes. We are ready and eager to play. Finally JV is done and it is our time to show all we’ve got. Warm up begin and we are the first ones on the court. Hitting lines start within the first fifteen seconds of being on the court. I know that I have to do my best to intimidate the other team. I can feel their stares behind me. I try to focus on just the ball and my hands. The first set to outside is perfect, giving me a boost of confidence. Next, the middle jump set to one of our strongest hitters. Finally, back set to our D1 ride side. I know this game is ours I have complete faith in what these girls can do.

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