Middle School

When I was in middle school I wanted to fit in so badly. I thought that the best way to get friends and have guys like me is to be the same as all the other popular girls. I dropped all of my old friends who weren’t as “cool” as I wanted to be or as “pretty”. I believed that my way to the top was to look and act just like the most liked girl at our school. I changed myself to be likeable and popular. I became a person I never could have imagined being. I was mean to my old friends, lied, gossiped, and acted as if I was better than everyone else around me. I didn’t even realize I was becoming such a horrible person. I thought I had done the right thing because now everyone liked me and wanted to be friends with me. Little did they know the kind of life I was living was not a good one. Slowly I lost friends and relationships with people I really cared about. This all happened just because I wanted to be with the so called In-crowd. My mom was the one who had to tell me what I was doing was insane. I didn’t even notice at first how horrible I was being. I thought calling out girls for kissing a boy or talking negatively about another person was just the norm I never noticed that because of what I was saying I lost everything that I enjoyed about myself and also lost the positive views others had on me. Once my mom said it I knew I had to change. I tried to regain friendships back and in doing so explain why I became the person I was. I showed how I thought being in the popular group was all that mattered and people feelings and emotions didn’t mean anything to me.

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