Toddlers At Play

Toddlers at play, running round and round the alphabet carpet. Giggles from the drawing station. Screams from the sand box. Cheers from the basketball area. Walking into Prospect’s Preschool room is like entering a zoo. There is not just five or six little ones there is twenty five, so watching your step is key. There are three and four year olds running from the playdoh station to sit down and have a teacher read a story or two with them. The smell of wet paint and markers gets me through my day. Knowing the kids are there waiting for me to listen to there stories about Spider Man or their grandma’s house. Children will tell you just about anything, because they want someone to listen to what they have to say. I think about how one day this is all that I will be doing. No office job or school work, just myself and thirty second graders. I know that no matter what I will love what I am doing even on the bad days. Children are where my true happiness lies. I hope that one day I will have kids of my own, just like these little boys and girls I get to work with and teach everyday. Stepping into that preschool room excites me day aft6er day. I don’t think that it is possible for me to be angry or upset when I am in there. There will always be a student that irritates you, but even those kids you learn to love in their own way.