Character Intro w/ Sound

Emily Leger is a 20 year old sophomore at the University of Mississippi.
Emily’s desk is covered in different paints and paint brushes. Even the desk itself has been hand painted by Emily. It is where she does most of her work.
Each color paint is displayed on the desk for easy access. Emily’s preferred medium is acrylic paint.
1. It doesn’t matter how messy she gets, Emily puts full effort into every piece. At times her hands are permanently stained with paint. 2. Emily has invested not only time, but also money into her craft. Some paints can be upwards of 15$ for one tube. But for her, it’s worth it.
1. A small wooden angel sits on Emily’s night stand. The trinket was given to her by her grandmother, who goes by Gigi, as a representation for Emily’s grandfather. 2. A stack of letters and cards on Emily’s bed side table. Each one is hand written by Gigi and mailed to Emily while she’s at school.
Gigi’s letters are always different. Sometimes they are “wish you well” messages, sometimes they’re “List of the Top 10 Party Schools”. No matter what Emily receives a letter from Gigi once a week.
Emily wears her garnet ring everyday. Her grandmother gave it to her for her 20th birthday, and the garnet is her grandfather’s birthstone.
1. Emily’s favorite sketchbook was given to her by her grandmother. Emily takes it everywhere with her for whenever inspiration strikes. 2. Emily is always drawing. She is inspired by nature and space.
Emily has been told her entire life that she has her grandmother’s eyes. She thinks it’s just another indicator of the strength of their bond.
Emily’s grandmother sits to the right of her. One of the many things they do together is stage work for their local theater.
Emily’s faith is very important to her. She keeps her grandfather’s favorite rosary in her room and takes it to church every Sunday.
Emily proudly displays her tattoos. The paintbrush represents the talent for art that she shares with her late grandfather, and the cardinal to honor his memory for her grandmother.
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