A house for sale in Islamabad

Landlords putting up a list of do’s and don’ts in front of “suspicious” bachelor tenants is the law of the land. But in this particular case, the house hunters were flooding the owner with questions. And not for no reasons.

I presume drang is drawing room, no idea what sevrend is

So this man, Azeem Anwar, (No need to gift him anonymity as he might be in dire need of a buyer) posted this advertisement of a house for sale in Islamabad to a group called Flat and Flatmates in Noida on Facebook. The house has six bedrooms (More than the collective number of bedrooms in my apartment) and comes at a price of Rupees 5 crore. ( No commission for this free publicity)

The distance between Noida (situated in the vicinity of Indian capital) and Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) is 707 Km. Yeah, goals for positive thinking.

What made my day

The flat seekers of Noida, despite facing rejections at least thrice a day, are very warm. They asked Azeem some pertinent questions.

  1. How will the house be delivered to Noida?
  2. Is the house bomb-proof?
  3. Is there any clause like the inmates have to be IS member
  4. Is the price negotiable?
  5. Isn’t the location a little far away from our offices?
  6. Is the buyer planning to buy a missile selling the house?
  7. Will I not buy a house in Dubai if I have got so much of money?

But Azeem was clueless, like the most house owners in Delhi-NCR, and in Islamabad probably.