Don’t Wannacry: Do these to stay away from ransomware threats

Photo stolen from AP

As the world is still dumbstruck about the unprecedented cyberattack, here is a fool’s guide to ditch any such hiccups in your personal system.

1. Immediately close the tab you are staring at.

2. Close all other tabs beside it.

3. Close this browser and the other in which you are in incognito mode.

4. Switch of your computer, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

5. Blow away the dust on the cover of the book you bought last month (obviously after opening your eyes)

6. Settle with it for an evening.

7. Step out of your room, meet and greet family members if you stay with them. If you stay alone, then go out and take a stroll in the park. You may skip the greetings part here as I am not sure about your neighbourhood.

8. You can even indulge in some tangible shopping.

9. Take any old family album and ‘like’ the photos without clicking any button. That is still possible.

Troll your younger/older sibling/roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend over phone or in person without letting the world know. That option, too, is still active.

For worldly-wise advice, watch the video. You are welcome

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