A Golden Age of Art Podcasts

First Wave Art Podcasts

1. Modern Art Notes
Hosted by
Tyler Green
Launched in 2011
Number of Episodes: 342
Topics covered in recent episodes: Long form interviews with curators and artists, on the exhibition “Painted in Mexico 1700–90,” and with Artists Inka Essenhigh, John Akomfrah, and Terry Winters
Listen at: https://manpodcast.com/

Podcasts from Art Media, Art Market Media, and Art Media Adjacent

5. Hidden Noise (Even magazine)
Hosted by
Abby Sandler and Rebecca Ann Siegel
Launched in October 2017
Number of Episodes: 14
Topics covered in recent episodes: A look into the exhibitions “Before the Fall,” “Life Like,” “Grant Wood,” “Tarsila do Amaral,” the New York art fairs, and various interviews with curators and artists
Listen at: http://evenmagazine.com/hidden-noise/

Podcasts Affiliated with Art Museums

18. A Piece of Work (MoMA and WNYC radio)
Hosted by
Abbi Jacobson (Broad City)
Launched in 2017
Number of Episodes: 10 (One season)
About the podcast: Jacobson chats with famous and non-famous guests at MoMA, for discussions about modern art
Listen at: https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/pieceofwork

A Few More Podcasts Of Note

22. The Lonely Palette
Hosted by
Tamar Avishai
Launched in May 2016
Number of Episodes: 30
Premise: A tour through art history, one painting at a time
Listen at: http://www.thelonelypalette.com/



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Paul G. Jackson

Paul G. Jackson

Comms Director at the New Museum in New York :: previously at MoMA :: @pgjackson