Life in Lists: Every Wedding

‘Gnothi seauton,’ inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and made famous by Socrates, established the fundamental dictum of western philosophy. But how to go about it, when memories are faulty or forgotten, stories embellished or lost, beliefs and personalities ever evolving. A ‘life in lists’ removes narrative, lessens subjectivity, and provides a way to review some of the facts. Also, lists are really fun to do.

This list presents every wedding I’ve attended as an adult. Being a wedding guest is one of the fundamental social currencies of young adult life and a useful benchmark in the passing of time. Gathering the weddings in one place creates a roadmap from July 2004 to the present.

  1. Brandon and Susan. Houston, TX. July 2004.
  2. Gilberto and Joanne. Miami, FL. January 2006.
  3. Mary and Jonathan. New Orleans, LA. May 2006.
  4. Mike and Molly. Minneapolis, MN. December 2006.
  5. Dave and Jen. New Orleans, LA. October 2007.
  6. Curran and Maria. San Diego, CA. July 2008.
  7. Sharif and Gaby. Boston, MA. July 2008.
  8. James and Mary. Chicago, IL. August 2008.
  9. Emily and Paul. Maryland. September 2008.
  10. Don and Emily. Bloomington, IL. June 2009.
  11. Mark and Kim. Chicago, IL. August 2009.
  12. Patrick and Katie. Omaha, NE. August 2009.
  13. Nate and Kate. Skaneateles, NY. September 2009.
  14. Kevin and Erica. Wilmington, DE. December 2009.
  15. Scott and Maritha. Austin, TX. April 2011.
  16. Erin and Eamonn. Cape Cod, MA. October 2011.
  17. CJ and Carrie. New Orleans, LA. October 2011.
  18. Leila and Rob. Maine. May 2012.
  19. Ben and Annie. Pensacola, FL. December 2012.
  20. **Niki and Paul**. New Orleans, LA. March 2013.
  21. Ginni and Sergio. Annapolis, MD. May 2013.
  22. Christine and Luke. Lewisberg, WV. August 2014.
  23. Courtney and John. Seattle, WA. August 2014.
  24. Courtney and Tom. Brooklyn, NY. September 2014.
  25. Bartley and Alycia. San Ignacio, Belize. April 2015.
  26. Marisa and Austin. Brooklyn, NY. October 2015.
  27. Scott and Brandon. Portland, OR. December 2015.
  28. Thomas and Danielle. Palm Springs, CA. January 2016.
  29. Matt and Sara. Brooklyn, NY. May 2016.
  30. Selena and Colin. Portland, ME. July 2016.
  31. Jake and Sophia. Annapolis, MD. September 2016.

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