This is a fifth post in my Tech Video Recommendations series. The previous post can be found here.

Today’s post is dedicated to the AngularConnect conference that took place in the beginning of November. I have to admit that I didn’t watch recordings of all the sessions from the conference yet, but from the ones I watched, I really liked the following four talks and would recommend them to anybody doing Angular development in 2018:

2. VS Code can do that (29:52)

3. You might not need NgRx (27:31)

4. White-labeling & A/B testing with interchangeable components (33:06)

One of the things I do to educate myself and keep up to date with latest technology trends is watch recordings from various tech conferences happing around the world. Recently I also started a tradition at Independer (where I work) of watching such tech videos during lunch.

This way I get to watch quite a lot of such videos. Some of them I like more than others or find especially useful. So, with this post I would like to start a series where I share a few links to videos that I liked for one reason or another and would recommend watching.

Without further ado, here are the links for today:

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