for those of you unaware never was there anything said about this:
 Spiritual, not religious, that is Reiki.

where as the reality of my situation is catholic, and that is rare.

I say this because there are a multitude of reasons not to have a conversation about “things” of which I simply do not know, at all.

And here we are with your minds in the gutter, same place as my wedding band.

Call it a formal method of living, and realize it is possible to sense situations beyond what is considerably normal.

Point being there was an occasion, and it involved a knight and a professional vocation not far from here mind the rest of you.

Maybe he got shot for that disclosure, for this if nothing else.
That would be one of those tell you kill you scenarios in its own right.
 not exactly ingratiating.

long and short of it is metadata is capable of killing efficiently.

And realize provocation for what it is, got addressed personally. 
Imagine things are done on purpose and you would be out of your mind to think anything to the contrary of what there is to say.

This isn’t contested, period, for the sheer reality of the situation.
And yet again, isolated for the preservation of life.

[its .txt for frame of reference] *

Did I mention sailing?

Severe lack of communication, perhaps?

 Metatron or Mattatron is an archangel in Judaism and in Christianity as well as the Chancellor of Heaven (effectively making Adramelech his infernal counterpart). According to Jewish medieval apocrypha, he is Enoch, ancestor of Noah, transformed into an angel. (

Point being, this is seen to personally.

I simply have to relay to you all I didn’t quote anything the whole first half, never looked outside the program. 
 and that is in reference to one of those. *

So, what I’m saying, is there’s truth for this.

Those configurations were spelled out for you, myself.

Metatron’s Cube
Metatron’s Cube is a name for a geometric figure composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Some New Age teachers call a variant of this figure the Fruit of Life.

My first tattoo? L to the third degree… its simply a nice comfort zone.
 and then 540.

so, people wonder.

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