The Cost of Energy Savings

Smart technology is all the rage and “Going Green” is always something people are conscious of. With this in mind, smart technology combined with HVAC only make sense.

The Bryant Housewise Thermostat is a new breed in the field of comfort management appliances that delights the entire family. It lends its services around the clock and reanimates comfort around the house.

Since it’s a Wi-Fi thermostat, ultimate control is almost a touch away. A mere touch can enable you to decide and gain control over the house’s cooling and heating system. It saves lots of energy and thereby saves money. It is value for money spent.

Smart Technology meets HVAC

Smart thermostat cuts down energy costs

Heating and cooling devices consume lots of energy and homeowners regularly need to pay huge energy bills. The Housewise thermostat is skillfully designed to save 20% energy. Thereby one can cut down on the energy cost easily by purchasing it and save lots of money. Make the smart decision and combine smart thermostat with custom energy tips. Together they facilitate homeowners to cut down more on the total energy costs. Based on the user’s specific usage, it offers energy tips.

Who doesn’t want to cut down the energy costs and save money for themselves? Smart thermostat makes that possible. It can intelligently on its own make cost deducting decisions. It can make adjustments ultimately leading to energy conservation. It makes adjustments keeping in consideration the weather changes, property’s cooling and heating losses and gains and other factors.

Access the energy reports

Since it supports Wi-Fi, homeowners can access the web portal or laptop and get an accurate energy report. Access is available around the clock and from around the world. Graphics are easy to conceive and read. Monitoring the monthly reports related to energy consumption is easy.

Their thermostat app is easy to download on a computer, laptop, and mobile. It is free to download. Android and iOS devices support the app. The smart thermostat simplifies everything and makes it comfortably easy for the user to understand everything. The user gets to control and manage the energy consumption.

Advantages of Wi-Fi thermostat

Housewise thermostat is much better in all the aspects than purchasing a traditional thermostat. Below-mentioned is some advantages that will prove that it is much better than the traditional ones.

  • It can adjust as per the rise and drop in the home’s temperature. This feature makes it energy efficient.
  • The user can keep an eye with the help of the app. The user accesses it from anywhere around the world. Service is available around the clock.
  • It comes with easy to use design and supports various modern features. It is user-friendly and avoids all sorts of complexities related to design or features it supports. It is easy to program and use.
  • It saves energy and cuts down the cost of energy consumption by 20%. It not only has adjustment capabilities but also provides tips on energy savings that are easy to follow and effective.
  • Know the energy usage by viewing the monthly energy reports that come with easy to read graphics.
  • The user can get reminders and alerts if the temperature starts rising or falling outside of the range. Reminders related to periodic maintenance are also sent.
  • It comes with a vacation mode which enables the user to head out. The user need not create any mess with the existing settings.
  • The user can easily access the thermostat settings from anywhere to control and program it.

Features of Housewise Thermostat

The following modern features make it popular among the users:

  • Full-color, it comes with a touchscreen interface.
  • Detailed energy reports
  • Customized monthly energy cut down tips
  • To enable optimal cooling, it supports Perfect Humidity technology.
  • Local weather forecast of 4-days
  • It supports Wi-Fi that enables the user to have a remote access for programming and control.
  • It is capable of managing the Hybrid Heat system
  • Adapts to rise and fall in temperature
  • Temperature-related issues and maintenance are notified with reminders and email alerts
  • Ventilator, dehumidifier, and humidifier compatible
  • It comes with a 5 year period of limited warranty if timely registered


The Housewise thermostat is a new breed in the world of the thermostat and is leading its way as it is best of all of them. It is a new definition of a perfect thermostat. Everything is of top-notch from its design to its features.

It’s small in size and has a modern design. It comes with many modern features. It saves energy and gains access to energy reports. It leaves no scope for improvement in the field of the thermostat. It has everything that the user ever looks for in a thermostat. In short, it is a perfect thermostat that is value for money.