Preparing for crossing the Atlantic Ocean

In less than 20 days I will be starting one of the most interesting adventures of my life. Many people climb tall mountains, others run marathons, but for me, crossing a big ocean on a sailboat is definitively an item on my bucket list.

Back when we sailed through the Abacos, we made a great friendship with Roberto and Aracelis. At the time, Roberto was planning to take his 43 feet sailboat to the Mediterranean, so I told him if he needed crew I would love to join. He said yes, and something that has been a big dream could become reality.

Roberto later decided to join the Oyster World Rally and purchased an Oyster that resided in Mallorca, so the original plan got inverted. We would have to sail from Europe to the Caribbean. Of course I was still very interested!

So the plan is for me to join the boat when it makes a stop in the Canary Islands. This is also the starting point of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), an event that takes place every year and features over 200 boats crossing the 2700 nm from Gran Canaria to St. Lucia.

I will be flying to Gran Canaria through London on November 10th. We plan to depart on November 16th and sail non-stop for 3 weeks. From there I will take a plane from Antigua into Miami.

I certainly can’t wait for this. Having the opportunity to be disconnected of this Internet world, and be in contact just with the Ocean, it can be an opportunity to discover hidden spots in our life.

The preparations have already started as you can imagine. And every day brings me closer to the trip.

I plan to post updates before departing and have a good wrap-up post once we arrive and things settle down, so follow me on Twitter if you wan to see more about this.

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