That Time My Husband Went to the ER in Ireland and it was Awesome
Stacie Nielsen Bortel

So Stacie, this is a complicated subject in the sense that you probably have to consider the entire package of social benefits in Ireland (and other countries) versus the US. For example, they probably all have the equivalent of a pension that is part of their tax base. This provides retirement security so they don’t constantly have to try to make and save more money in order to be safe long term. The pay base for medical professionals (partly as a result of this “socialism”) is way less than here making it much less expensive to receive treatment and it also encourages personnel who are in it because they’re interested in it as opposed to the fact that they can make a lot of money.

What’s interesting about your story is that it directly contradicts what those opposed to a more socialized medical industry typically say about it. Namely that it’s more expensive, you can’t choose your doctor and the care is poor. It would appear from you story, and from those of others, that this simply isn’t the case at all. That said, if we tried it here, everything they say may come true because of who we are as a society and a people. I say let’s give it shot because I don’t think our current system works for anyone but the very wealthy.

Thanks for relating your experience.

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