Fixing Thursday Night Football

Phil Rossi
Nov 7, 2017 · 2 min read

As a life-long fan, I hope the NFL doesn’t end Thursday Night Football. As flawed as the present format is, a reduced schedule could fix it.

Why not begin these games around week six? By then, the season’s underway and the league has started their bye weeks. Instead of a game each Thursday, have one every other week. Also, make it mandatory that both teams in the game are coming off their scheduled bye.

Pro football is a grueling sport with a demanding process. The players are too banged up to be rushed. A three-day window is proving too fast for players to heal, practice, and prepare. An even tougher hand for the team that travels.

I understand the players and coaches who want to eliminate Thursday Night Football. With the current TV package set to expire after this season, the players union may force the owners to finish it altogether. And following this year’s low ratings, the players union might have the leverage to succeed.

Spacing out the games will create a build up. Instead of ho-hummers, the fans will be treated to better matchups. That’s what we want. I won’t go overboard to suggest flex-scheduling — that’s unfair to the players.

By the way, could we do without the color rush uniforms? Some of them are pretty cool, while others are too high school for my taste. If I’m overridden on that one, what the hey. A small concession to keep Thursday Night Football.

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